Wednesday 27 July 2016

June [ in pictures ]

 June was an awesomely amazing month! Well, it can't not be awesome when you are travelling right!

We took our first family vacation of the year and it was all done really last minute. Like literally, we were discussing when were the possible dates for Daddy Li to take leave, and it ended up being pretty last minute that the leave got approved and then it came to deciding where to go. Long story short, after doing some brief research and checking all the weather info and flight fares we ended up booking the flight and accommodation a week before we left. The last time we travelled as a family it was such a rush, and also when I left for my solo trip to BKK it was also super last minute that I swore to myself that I will never ever do last minute trips again and give myself ample time to plan. Cos I mean you are going on a holiday, who wants to stress with all the planning and have lack of sleep with no energy left for the actual holiday right. The time I travelled to BKK I was so tired from lack of sleep that I found myself struggling to keep my eyes open at certain times. So yes, that's how tired I was. And if planning a solo trip was already so time consuming, you can only imagine how much more planning is needed for a family vacay.

Well anyway, obviously, we did a last minute travel again. Because well a last minute vacation is better than no vacation at all right? And you know what, despite the rush in having to plan the itinerary and sorting out the logistics, I have no regrets that we made the family trip to Korea!

Honestly the travel destination itself was so random because we aren't like Kpop fans or K-drama crazy. We do watch a few dramas but honestly my first ever K-drama was DOTS. And I guess that kind of started me on the K-drama thing. Like hello, you are talking about someone who had not eaten Korean BBQ till 2015. Yes I know I have been living in a cave. We had wanted to go to Japan but the weather forecast wasn't good and it was the same for the other destinations we had in mind. In any case, we just decided to go Korea because..Korean food can't possibly disappoint esp since we've been pretty into eating Korean food recently, and..I had my own agenda of spamming the Korean skincare and cosmetic products.

Okay, I just realised I rambled a whole lot about the trip, which in fact should have a post of it's own. But I think that may not ever happen cos I'm quite lazy to do it. But you never know..heh.

Well anyway, in short, Korea was amazing. I love the country so so much like I actually already want to go back there. I wouldn't even mind staying there for a few years to experience what's life like there. Like blending in with the locals, exploring the places outside of Seoul, going to Jeju to explore nature and check out all the awesome sceneries and of course indulging in authentic Korean food and having easy access to all the great Korean skincare products :D But yes, such is life. We have to return back to reality. Making a trip back to that amazing country is definitely a must. I am already thinking of a girl's trip with the bub when she is a little older!

And..since it was the June school holidays, I took the opportunity that there weren't formal lessons at school to spend time with Kaitlin! I can't believe that very soon, she would be in primary school and with that comes a whole new set of challenges, for the bub and myself! Like homework, preparing for exams and waking up extra earls! But as usual, we'll cross the bridge when we get to it.

Just like every other year, we paid a visit to the the Geylang Serai Pasar Malam to get our fix of pasar malam noms! Every year the food offerings get more unique. Churros were so last year. This year, there were rainbow bagels and rainbow pudding drinks which made the unicorn lover in me slightly excited. Of course, we couldn't do without our usual pasar malam must-have, the Ramly burger!

July's already ending soon, and time really is passing by so fast! It's going to get a little busier on the home front, but more about that in the future posts! For now it's back to checking off more things on my list!

Wednesday 13 July 2016

May [ in pictures ]

Noooo. I think I'm really becoming like Dory for real. First of all, I'm late for May's post! And when I wanted to get it started I already transferred all the photos and was ready to start compiling them when I found out..I already it! And in fact, I had already began writing the post and well totally forgot that I did all this. Omg. I'm seriously judging my memory issues :o like it has reached a whole new low :/
I think I'm seriously getting old furrealxz because I feel like I can't recall many things that have happened, which is such a bad bad thing. Like omg. If now like that already, then in future how?! It's going to go downhill and omg this cannot happen :( Brain memory problems aside, I also think my body is weakening. Like walk up a flight of stairs my knees will hurt. Omg. Feel like I've a body of a 55 year old lady. HOW?!

May was a pretty awesomesauce month. We had two things to celebrate about! Of course one of them being celebrating another year of mommyhood. I have no idea how I managed to get through the pregnancy, the birth, the newborn months, the toddler tantrums and getting to where we are right now! It's amazing how I managed to stay relatively sane. I say relatively because I really wanted to pull my hair out at times and even thought I may not be cut out to be a mom, but hey those crazy hard days are over. There's constantly been different phases as Kaitlin grew up and with that, alway a new set of challenges. I've learnt so many more things from being a mom and as result of them I think it's also changed me in some ways. I would like to think of them as positive changes, but whether they really are positive changes or not I think I would only know when I look back a couple years from now. For now, what I do know is that parenthood is never always going to be a breeze, and when you think the worst is over, well, a new set of challenges are sure to come knocking soon. It takes alot of trying, patience and setbacks, but it is what it is, so why not embrace parenthood? I honestly can't imagine life with Kaitlin. Sure there are days I wonder how life would be like without a kid, but the thing is if given the choice of having the life I wished I could have, I wouldn't want to exclude Kaitlin from it. Like there are definitely aspects of life which I would want to change, but Kaitlin is definitely not one of them.

Enough of me rambling about mommyhood, so yes back to May. As you can see, I'm still eating away and for sure putting on the pounds. But I can't say no to my cravings heh. And no, I'm not talking about pregnancy cravings, just normal people cravings. And...yes another great thing that happened in May was going to Shakespeare in the Park. Like finally! Always wanted to go, and yayyy finally one thing off the many things on my list of things I want to do. I don't have an official bucket list and Shakespeare in the Park isn't really considered as something super major or life threatening to be included in a bucket list, but basically you get the drift right? It's still something I was pretty happy to have gone for, especially since it's been ages since I last watched a play. To be honest, it wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be, maybe I had high expectations wasn't awful or anything like that. Anyway, the best part was the company <3 Thankful that at least I've one friend that's cultured and onz enough to watch a play at the park at the risk of getting bitten by mozzies. Which, surprisingly we didn't get bitten but just got a little sweaty.

So yes, that's May. Will try to get cracking and publish the June post soon! I haven't really been in the mood to blog which explains the recent extreme lack of posts, and I'm not sure if I would get back to consistently blogging but well..see how it goes!

Tuesday 31 May 2016

April [ in pictures ]

Yikes! I realised I've only been blogging about once a month. Yeah as you can tell I've not been active for sometime and I just figured that I wanted a break from blogging. Not that I've been blogging very consistently to begin with, but that I just didn't really have the motivation to blog either.

Nonetheless, I decide that I should check into this space and update about April! Don't want to end up having nothing to look back on right. Esp not with post-preggers brain. If you've given birth you know what I mean.

April was a pretty chill month. It was more of settling back to life, and I kind of took quite some time to do that >.<  I definitely missed the short trip I took and wanted to travel real bad again. But it was also a good chance to just chill out and catch up with friends!

Kaitlin started on her first piano class which I was looking forward to cos I did the exact same thing she did 20 years ago :D I got to say though that I'm not very impressed with the standard and pace of learning at this point but since I haven't found an alternative we'll be sticking with it for a little while more since Kaitlin's been enjoying her class. Also the more important goal is to let her develop a liking for music, more than making her practise all day and night cos that's just going to be a huge major turn off for any kid. We'll see how it goes, but for now she's loving it as well as her ballet classes!

Speaking of classes, I attended a modern calligraphy class with KY! It was actually a birthday gift for her but you know when you've been friends for a few years you kind of run out of ideas on what to gift your friend. Plus what's better than learning something new with your friend right? You can both suck at it and it's comfortably fine. Well in this case, KY was pretty damn awesome and I just sucked but it's okay cos despite that I enjoyed that small window of time where I got to learn something new with a dear friend and could have some time to recharge! Win win!

By the way, I got to say I hate Instagram's latest changes. Including the whole algorithm thingum. I know it's been quite some time since they changed it but I really was feeling meh about it that I barely posted as well. Honestly I can't remember much of what happened in March but thanks to uploading instas I can. But now I don't feel like posting as much. In general, I hate change. Esp when I'm so comfortable with it. And this isn't even a tiny change. I hate how I can't see the photos of all the people I am following in chronological order of when they had posted it. I mean was that not the whole point of Instagram in the beginning. It just feels like it has lost it's meaning. Now I've got to scroll a whole ton more to be updated and still I won't be able to view all the latest pics. I've got to make an effort to go to the person's profile to check the pictures out. So irritating. I DON'T LIKE. Rawr. Okay rant over. Not like x10000 ppl like me complaining about it is going to change anything. So just got to accept change right? Meh move on with life. And yes, on to the next post about May! That won't be up so soon, but I'll definitely update before June ends!

Wednesday 27 April 2016

March [ in pictures ]

March 2016 has got to be one of the best months that I’ll remember for life! I really love Instagram. I feel like without Insta, I would forget a lot of things that happened, but whenever I look back on the month of images, I’ll always be able to recall the memories and all the feels that came along with it. 

March felt like a month where I tried to recharge myself, which key word being 'tried' which means I didn't exactly succeed but I did try which is better than not trying at all right!

I actually travelled all the way down to ECP with KY to go san san xin. Which, well as you can imagine, it didn’t really happen. I had wanted to go alone, but we both had the same feels so we decided to go tgt. So while, I didn’t exactly do what I had wanted to, I was really happy to spend time with KY away from the places that we usually visit. And guess what, I kind of “forgot” how to cycle, but I managed to cycle on that day! I was a little afraid at first and even got “tsk” at by an auntie, but hey hey KY totes stood up for me lol. And yeah, as we cycled I got the hang of things. I’m quite embarrassed to actually admit this, but yeah. The more important thing now is that I can cycle again! It felt real good to be away from the hustle and bustle and with the wind in our hair. The only thing is…I got burnt really badly on my back because I was got lazy and didn’t properly apply the sun block lotion so even till now…there is a very distinct tan line *face palm* the price you pay for being lazy -.- 

We also brought Kaitlin to her first Disney On Ice show!! We were offered tickets for a review but since I had already bought them I decided to decline them. Nevertheless, we were pretty glad with the seats that we got! Oh yes, speaking of which! Kaitlin got to taste candy floss for the time! She liked the first bite but for some reason she didn’t want to have more after. Lol. I guess that’s good thing right?

Since it was the March hols, the bub’s school had Book Week! Something new as compared to previous years. Not surprisingly, we were informed pretty last minute that there would be a character parade. I haven’t really done anything for Kaitlin when it comes to dressing up and costume stuff. Usually, we would just find what we have and improvise from there or make do since well most of the students usually come to school in whatever they have when it comes to such events. Very different from international schools or kindys with a more international crowd. Nevertheless, I decided to just do a little something for Kaitlin! I had a hard time choosing which Eric Carle character costume to make, and eventually…K and I decided on the butterfly! My god. It took slightly less than two days to complete the wings, and this was when I was on full on mode. Like I barely used my phone and the only time I used my laptop was to refer to the images and instructions. Also, if not for KY coming by and deciding to help me I think I would have been up on the second night finishing it :O Literally wanted to KO after. Worst part was..the bub loved the wings, but cos of the elastics she didn’t want to wear it after awhile. We had to make it a little tighter so the wings would stay up so even though it was stretchy and stuff, K wasn’t very used to it. I honestly -.- cos like she was asking me to help her finish it quick and I was already -.- cos like girl, I’m trying my best but it takes time to get it to look good right. Oh and if you were wondering, Kaitlin did help and in fact it was in my plan for us to do it together but since we were time tight…I decided to just do it myself cos it would be much faster. Well..if you are wondering..the wings are at home now. They haven’t been touched since but I’m so not going to throw it away for at least a year and well hoep she picks it up to play!

The most memorable part of March was when I actually took a short partial solo trip out of the +65! It was the first time I was away from Kaitlin for more than two days and in fact the first time I’m in a different country from her. It’s really totally different than just being away from the home, because if anything did happen I would be able to rush back. But being in a foreign land means that would not be as easy to do and of course there are also risks when it comes to travelling. Well, I’m happy to say I did it! I flew and spent a few days by myself and the rest of it with Enna! So that means I travelled with a friend for the first time as well! I’ve travelled with the bunch of m:idea peeps after our internship which was like donkey years ago like before I had Kaitlin, but this time was different cos it was just the two of us! Before the trip, there were many times where I hesitated and I was consumed with mom guilt, but after a few years of considering it I finally did it and I’m actually thankful that I did. Thankful that I had the chance to do it, thankful for the husband and friends who took care of Kaitlin while I was away and most of all, thankful that Kaitlin didn’t have a major meltdown. I’m thinking of blogging more about the trip, like how I felt prior and after the trip and what I did while I was away, but I'll see how about that.

And to be back was another wonderful feeling!! Once I saw the bub I hugged her so tight cos it felt so good to be back to the little one and I was more than happy to start my mom duties! I usually have the super sian feeling when I’m returning back to SG from a holiday, but this time I didn’t and it was actually good cos honestly I hate that kind of feeling! I get so upset that we have to leave and go back to life, and in fact who wouldn’t feel that way right! But this time, I did feel a little sad to leave but I had something to look forward and that made me pretty happy! I did feel a little refreshed and recharged than I had wanted to and I did want to reflect a lot more about life and come back with a new mindset but that didn’t happen. I couldn’t force all that to happen, but it wasn’t a wasted trip. I was definitely able to take a break from mom duties, a vast difference to what I’m used to back in SG. Yes, there were many video calls with the bub, but I was able to have huge chunks of time without having to look out for someone else and try to think of 101 replies to various questions, or face someone throwing a tantrum. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom, I love motherhood, I love Kaitlin a lot, and in fact many times when I was on this trip I did wish she was around so I could show her this and that and let her experience what I did. I’m not quite sure how I should explain this, but I think if you’re a mom or a parent yourself, you would understand what I mean about life before having a kid! It’s not possible to be able to experience that until the kids are old enough to look after themselves and so whenever such opportunities come they are pretty extra special even if it’s for a few hours, and I got more than that so I actually felt like I was living the life of my peers and felt “young” again just that I knew that this was temporary. Now that I’m back, I just can’t wait to travel again! It’s super tiring planning and packing for a trip but you know what, whether it’s travelling alone, travelling with friends, or travelling as a family, I want to do it! 

April’s ending in a couple of days and I’ve evidently been pretty lazy with blogging. To be honest, lately I’ve been lacking the drive to blog, but we’ll see how that goes..if I’ll continue with blogging, but for now I’ll still be blogging my April in pictures post :)

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Feb [ in pictures ]

February came and went pretty fast! CNY is usually not my fave holiday of the year. In fact I dread it so much I start feeling annoyed about it from around the Christmas period cos you know after Christmas, New Year's just passes by with the blink of an eye and then C N Y. Well, this year I decided that may be I should try not to hate so many things in life, and try to accept it and well make the most out of it? Like you can't control certain things in life and looking at it negatively just drains you, so like why not try to find the positive parts of it and like find happiness within? At this point, if you are judging why am I talking like this like I'm some life guru..I am not. I read something similar in one of the books I've been reading and from the occasional online articles and they generally say the same thing, and well I do feel that it makes a lot of sense. Idk, it just makes going through whatever you hate less draining, and less of a chore.

So this year, prepping for CNY was definitely more tiring than the last few years! Not only did we clean the house, but I also cleared some items away. Like throw. Not just re-arrange or re-organise, but yes I managed to declutter. Wow. So proud of myself pls.

If you've read my previous blog posts you would know, I am a self-confessed hoarder. I am a sentimental nut and yeah I just basically hate having to throwing away things. I even bought the KonMari book about tidying up and started reading it about a month before CNY to try and convince myself to declutter and that I will be fine. I obvs did not even get to 1/4 of the book, cos well I figured I need to declutter. Like do it, I ain't got time to read. So yeah, that book is sitting in the house and I will erm read it when I feel like it again. So yeah, besides throwing out some stuff, I also decided to do what I enjoy but am not so good at - cooking and baking!

I actually do like to cook and bake but they more often than not turn out to be quite fail than yay which puts me off cos I feel like I wasted not only time but ingredients so like why bother and waste the effort right? But this year, I decided if not now, when? Every CNY I see moms posting up pics of all the yummy CNY cookies that they have baked and like all the mouthwatering CNY dishes and I'm like gahhh I want to do that too and cook awesome delicious food that my family enjoys eating and that Kaitlin will look forward to eating whenever she comes home for dinner in the future. But there is always the reason that I've to clean the house for CNY and I'm tired by then and what if it turns out horrible and no one eats it then I got to finish all of it on my own. Well this year I decided to just do it. Nice or not just do it. Busy and tired from cleaning? Just do what I can! So while I had a whole long list of recipes I wanted to try out I really ended up doing like only 1/5 of what I had wanted but better than nothing. How did they taste? Well..the salted egg yolk cookies didn't turn out horrid they just tasted very homemade which I guess it's good depending on how you look at it! Well Kaitlin liked it and I was happy to let her have them cos I know what I put into them! I also made carrot cake which came out a little hard but taste wise it was yums. Just the texture. The niangao was good! I half-ed the portions so there won't be so much plus I know how much calories they contain but yeah it still turned out a little more than I wanted but it was actually nice despite me reducing the sugar amounts and I would totally do it again! I hate how the niangao you buy outside is so crazy sweet I can't go beyond 1 or 2 pieces at a go. Also, making it at home means it's fresher and I can use organic sugar so Kaitlin can enjoy it too!

According to Daddy Li the CNY dishes I cooked were that I guess he means edible and not horrid tasting but also not restaurant quality which..of course I am sad luh that he didn't say it's super yummy but like eh first attempt and he ate finish everything means I can give myself a pat on the back right? Hehe :D

So yes, I actually felt super tired from not feeling well in general and from cleaning, but I'm glad I had that fun cooking. It's a real nice feeling seeing your family eat the food that you cook and a bonus when they ask for more :) Makes it feel super worth it!

Well, this year's CNY was also little different from usual and not in a good way. Basically the husband and I had quite a bad argument that started from CNY eve and had a cold war for around a week. We didn't have reunion dinner together which is a first and really wtf but it's okay I'm over it. I had it with Kaitlin and well I just reflected a whole lot. I'm more or less over that we argued and the argument itself, cos well couples do argue and you can't just be more upset over it cos it happen to fall during a festive period or a holiday and be doubly sad about it. I mean first and foremost, it is an argument and you should be upset over it and not over when it happened because we can't always control when things happen. I just want to work on not arguing as much or letting conversations escalate into arguments and that if we do, to find a way to work on it and solve it.

Speaking of celebrations, I guess I couldn't be more happy this Valentine's Day cos jeng jeng jeng it actually broke our cold war. The husband ended up surprising me with dinner which I think was not meant to be a surprise but cos we had that cold war it ended up being that way. Also, I don't think he intended to end the cold war, but it happened yeah cold war over!

We went to Far East Flora to get more blooms cos I heart flowers and Kaitlin went along of course. It poured like mad when we were reaching so Kaitlin and I were pretty much stranded at the bus stop across the road while Daddy Li was on the other side. We waited for quite abit for it to get smaller and thankfully I managed to entertain the ever active bub. Kaitlin loved the cold room so much that she wanted to go back in again. I think she thinks its a floral playground lol.

Valentine's Day is definitely not the same ever since Kaitlin entered our lives, but I'm still very glad to spend it with her! I do miss the romantic candlelit dinners instead of the every three minutes interrupted dinners, but when I get all those hugs and kisses and little actions of love from the tiny one, ah it warms my heart so much!

Oh yes! I also made a day trip with KY to the +60 to get them nails did and to noms. JB has become my fave place to get my nails done cos it's really way cheaper and based from the usual nail salon I go to, the standards are about the same. Our plan to cafe hop did not materialise again because time was short and it also poured. This time though we tried a new eatery and it was so good and cheap!! Ate till we super baobao :D

Feb ended off on a exciting note! We went for our second family run, the My Little Pony Friendship Run thanks to media passes from SPRG and the organisers :) And yes, now we are already midway into March >.<

I had written this post halfway last week but I just got very :/ from writing it the part where Daddy Li and I fought that I didn't want to continue the post. I know I base alot of my actions on how I feel so when I feel lazy or down from doing something I won't do it till I feel like it. Hence, this very late post :/ It's my personal note to myself to be more punctual in posting up my monthly look back on the past month! I'll try for March!


Thursday 3 March 2016

My Little Pony Friendship Run 2016!

So we finally got our bums up early last Sunday morning! Thanks to SPRG, our pony dreams came true and we participated in first ever My Little Pony Friendship Run!! The We usually sleep in on Sunday if we can but just for the My Little Pony Friendship Run, we made an exception :D

Oh and I say if we can, because that's usually dependent on how early/late Kaitlin wakes up and also..usually it's only one of us that's up with Kaitlin and *coughs* no prizes for guessing which parent's the one that's up!

Before I forget to add! This run marks our second family run :D The last time we went for a race it was for the first ever Hello Kitty Run and well if you went for that run you would probably know that there wasn't much of a run because it rained :( The husband of course had to add that it may rain for the My Little Pony Friendship Run as well and we probably wouldn't get to run and I just shot him the death stare face cos really?! Don't jinx it!

We definitely were super glad that it didn't pour on Sunday and in fact the weather was super lovely! While it was a little sunny which made it a little difficult to keep our eyes open when we took pics with all the cute little pony cut-outs, it wasn't crazy hot! Perf weather for running!

Check out these super cute cut-outs of the ponies! There were other photo ops too but our faves were the ponies plus the queues weren't that long. In fact if you go at the right timing like we did, the photo opp queues were shorter than the queues at the Ponyville Marketplace booths!

Oh and in case if you we wondering if we really did run? Yes of course we did! We decided not to be part of the huge crowd that was forming right at the front cos it was more about having fun and enjoying the race than winning it.

There were actually lots of families in front of us and also along the way there would be participants from the other race categories so it was sometimes hard to run cos it was pretty crowded and some people were just strolling but hey when there was space we did! And Kaitlin ran too! So glad she did and no complaints from her or any of those mood swing moments and sulking. She did say her feet hurt after we ran really fast for a distance almost nearing the end of the race so we slowed down for a bit then sprinted once we saw the finish line!

1KM wasn't that far, Daddy Li took it like a breeze and Kaitlin managed it but tbh I haven't exercised since like last November so that's like really been awhile and I was actually relieved that I managed to finish it cos seriously if I didn't I would be majorly judging my own fitness level lol.

It kind of jammed up once we finished the race and were going to collect our medals but luckily we didn't have to wait crazy long, so while the bub did ask a couple of times what was going on and telling us that she was feeling sweaty and wanted to get her medal it was thankfully manageable. I was worried she would start throwing a tantrum cos of the waiting and being hot and grimy but we got our medals and yes out of that crowd! Huge sigh of relieve cos it would have been hard to deal with a tantrum with it being that packed and I wouldn't have approved of her throwing a tantrum from being impatient + feeling hot and sticky. I would have been firm to her and told her that she shouldn't complain and should learn to be more patient which can swing two ways..either she listens or she doesn't cooperate and throws a bigger tantrum which could eventually end up with her crying. So yes, real glad none of that happen!

I'm sure the MLP Friendship Run will always be a special memory for us because we don't really go for much organised family activities and this is one of the few of them and it went terrific! Plus, we'll have our medals and pony plushies to remind us of the run! Thanks again to SPRG for having us and making every My Little Pony lover's dream come true, we had a blast!

Disclaimer: We received media invites from SPRG to participate in the My Little Pony Friendship Run. All content and opinions are my own and weren't influenced by any external factors. 

Friday 19 February 2016

January [ in pictures ]

Ok so this post was initially typed out on Monday but I feel terribly sick on Tuesday, like three infections at a go according to the docs and I had fever and vomited  and all D: Since then I've been trying to recover and to feel more in the mood of doing things so I'm finally posting the below!


Yikes! It's already halfway into Feb! Time seriously always passes so fast -.- Yet at the same time, what happened a month ago didn't feel all that recent. Maybe it's a sign of ageing D:

2016 started off on a pretty good note and January was in general a pretty awesome month! Had a great time planning and celebrating Daddy Li's birthday. I always love planning surprises so I was glad that almost everything went according to plan. Plus an added bonus was that I managed to pull it off despite it being so last minute! Heh. I know, I procrastinate a hell lot and I always end up getting so stressed with trying to perfect everything all at the last minute. Can't complain cos I only have myself to blame. I hate how I have all that initial time and I just spend it exploring my options and doing a whole lot of thinking about it then I don't actually get anything done until I really have to do something about it >.< Seriously a damn bad habit, and I think I really need to do something about it!

Ok back to Jan! Alot of the month was spent spring cleaning and for CNY..and at the same time organising and changing up my storage solutions. In fact, all of that dragged on to Feb cos as usual I started on this really late heh. Lots of procrastinating + I had valid reasons cos I was busy for the first part of Jan birthday planning + busy looking after Kaitlin while the hubs took a short trip out of the +65 with his friends. Well, the entire house hasn't been cleaned inside out and while I decluttered quite a fair bit I think there's still more to clean and declutter. But I'm taking a break from all of that now cos it was so draining. I'm a hoarder and an extremely sentimental person so decluttering isn't really my thing. Well there's the fun part of prepping for CNY though! The shopping for decor and snacks + clothes and all!

Ah yes, while the husband was away from SG, I realised alot of things about myself which I think was great. I thought I would be extra meh that he wasn't around and was enjoying himself but nope! In fact I did miss him but none of those I miss him till I feel like it's the end of the world kind of feelings, and in fact I felt that it was good to have that distance. Even though we stay in the same home and see each other everyday, we actually don't spend alot of time together. Most of the time we are just doing our own things when we have time to ourselves. So in actual fact it would be like enough time apart, but I guess physical distance makes a difference as well. Tbh, nothing much changed when he came back except for the first 12 hours lol. But yeah, point is I realised that I've matured a whole lot from say 5 years ago which is a definitely a good thing, and I'm more independent too! I've always been quite a dependent person even though *coughs* my horoscope says that I'm an independent person and all but I really don't think I am and I've always felt that it's something I needed to work on. I have never tried to work on being independent, but I guess it's a natural thing that happens when you grow older. I guess this can be considered one of the perks of growing old hur.

So well that was Jan! Oh and I still haven't sat down to think about my resolutions! How did that happen?!! Yeah I also don't know cos I just realised that last night when I was thinking about doing this blog post but yeah. I guess life was just too busy for me to pause and and have some thinking time to myself, cos really when I can relax and unwind I just like chilling in front of my computer screen watching videos. So yes! Feb!! I shall try to find some time to myself to think about all of that and more cos really even though I've realised it and said it a thousand times..time really passes by way too fast!