Tuesday 22 November 2011

christmas wishlist

HOHOHO! christmas is coming!:)) I don't usually do christmas wishlists, but this year, I just simply want almost everything hence..I decided to come up with a wishlist! I'm not sure if I will list everything cos there really is ALOT OF THINGS. -.- quite lazy to photoshop everything together into a list..so..I decided to just start with one first! I know I probably won't get anything that I want..so that's another reason why I might not even go past this first wishlist hurhur

yes! It is full of Hello Kitty stuff!hurhur! This series is really cute okay! And actually, most of the stuff have already been sold out..but hey, it's a wishlist! I can wish..and dream okay! Rawrxz! 

Well other than that, I definitely wish for the following:
1. for some reason or other the government realises having an army is useless and decides to have a heart and make NS no longer compulsory --> Lihai can be home and look after the baby with me everyday!:) or perhaps do something more productive like earning more than the measly amount he gets from the army!
2. for the baby girl to miraculously cry lesser everyday, and be a good little girl who will understand that mommy has things to do and will play on her own or nap and not tire mommy out!
3. for both Lihai and the baby girl to always be happy and be in good health:)
4. for money to drop from the sky, and grow on trees and sprout from the ground!

Yeah, I think I will be contented if the above happens! I will forgo all the other things on my wishlist like a truckload of Hello Kitty items, branded bags and wallets, clothes and pretty jewellery! :D pretty please, Santa pls let it happen!:D

Speaking of Santa, I always wonder to myself if I should teach/tell Kaitlin about Santa..maybe I don't even have to, cos she will find out one way or another from her future friends (let's hope she has many and won't scare them away with her cries!) or from TV shows..but then when that happens..should I tell her that Santa doesn't exist..or indulge her that Santa really exists and maybe get Lihai to dress up as Santa every year to deliver presents to her! Haha! I think I choose the second option! Mainly cos I can make him dress up as Santa and have a good laugh (good reason right?) and then we can have a christmas tree and do up the decorations..and have milk and cookies!! Sounds like a plan! A plan that Lihai will not approve of..or be very happy about..but hey, if it makes Kaitlin happy..why not right!:) hurhur! I'm not making use of Kaitlin okay! I'm just conveying what she wants to her daddy, cos mommy always knows best!:D

Anyway, all that aside..this is really random, but I loveeee this song:

the room's hush hush 
and now's our moment
take it in feel it all and hold it
eyes on you, eyes on me
we're doing this right

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