Thursday 17 November 2011


Having so many food cravings whilst reading ladyironchef's food reviews!

Feel like trying the sheperd's pie at The Orange Thimble, just cos it's sheperd's pie! omg how can you say no to like mash potato?! besides that, the place seems so quaint and cosy..

I also feel like having Korean BBQ!! been awhile since I last had that! OMNOMNOM!

Yes,  I know it is only 9pm! But i cant help but have food cravings esp since being "confined" to the house! one of the downsides of being a first-time mummy, having your husband serving the nation for two years -.- and having a newborn! but no worries! soon soon! once Kaitlin turns 3 months plus and i'm able to sorta control her from throwing her tantrums (tsk! i think she got it from me..hmm..) i shall bring her out for  lunch & high-tea with my friends and brunches with Lihai!:D hurhur can't wait! not a taitai, but trying to live the taitai life. :)

omg can't wait for the boy to book out, and hopefully we can go nomxz abit! two days ago i was having a dimsum craving! had been eager to try Swee Choon dimsum but didnt get around to do it! i kinda hate it when there's a place that i wanna go try the food and my friends beat me to it:( it's like they get to eat the yummy food before me:( unfair! just cos they've got cars and it's convenient for them or like no boyfriend/husband who has to serve the nation! hrmph rawrxz!nevermind, the time will come where i will get the chance!

besides all this, after the 100 days of confinement, i shall indulge in SEAFOOD! okay, so you are wondering what 100 days of confinement? isn't it a month? well, traditionally it has been 100 days, but cos modern people being impatien and stubborn, i guess many only do it for 30/40 days. well, i'm not the traditional kinda person, but it's always better to be safe than sorry, so hence! Moreover, i had a c-section done, which means scar, wound and all. hence, i decided to abstain for 100 days just in case! so yeah, after 100 days = SEAFOOD! think fresh oysters, tempura, calamari and SASHIMI!! omg! i'm gonna go on a SASHIMI FRENZY!:D shall bring Lihai to the jap buffet place i wanted to bring him for our 2nd year! and i'm about a month plus away till 100 days! I CAN DO THIS!:)

the other day, i also saw an instagram tweet of the burgers from Burger Shack! omg looked so damn good -.- i've tried their burgers before, and i got to say they are not that bad! but the pic made it look even more delicious and mouthwatering! instantaneous BURGER CRAVING!

(image from ladyironchef)

also craving for truffle fries! tried the ones from Skinny Pizza and they were really good! thinking of trying the ones from PS Cafe! speaking of which, the sweet potato fries from Barracks Cafe are damn awesome too!
(image from ladyironchef)

one last food craving! i know it sounds so lame..but omg i feel like trying the bread pudding and salted caramel panna cotta from starbucks! was at bucks today and omg was so damn tempted to purchase those items + the mushroom and spinach quiche and deep dish beef pie! but i decided not to be greedy and just stick to my cranberry white choc mocha frapp which is heavenly!:D you gotta try it!


  1. THE SALTED CARAMEL PANNA COTTA!!! That's the first thing I'm gonna get with my Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte after my final exam :) WOOHOO!!! *\(^^)/*

  2. okay! i will make a beeline for your house first thing! but dont hate me if i crash on your couch HAHA.