Wednesday 30 November 2011

goobye november

Today's the last day of november! yayy!:) It's almost the end of the year, and so far, everything's been alright. Life's been okay, except a little mundane. But, I really rather not complain!

25 days left to Christmas 
32 days left to New Year's
37 days left to Lihai's birthday
38 days left to Lihai's POP 

Can't wait for him to POP seriously!:)) That would perhaps be the only reason why I would want time to pass faster! Still need to think of how to celebrate his 21st D: It's like someone's 21st birthday! It can't go wrong! *stress*

Also, the nanny is leaving on Friday, that means it just left with me and the little one (K, I know i mentioned it, but I just need to re-emphasize it..)

So cute and adorable right? This happens like once a day -.- Kaitlin, pls be like this everyday, throughout the day okay? Mommy will buy you more clothes and toys okay (let's hope bribery works!)

Recently the tiny little one has taken a liking to her mobile. She will cry cry cry and once I wind the mobile and she hears the music and sees its going round and round she will stop. K, this is not a fool-proof method to stop her crying, but it's like one of the few things that work! Thankfully, Auntie Eunice gave me the mobile, so that once Kaitxz gets tired of it I would not be so annoyed that she's bored of her toy so fast! She has a tendency -.- She no longer likes her rocking chair! Hello!? Her rocking chair so cool k! But oh well..guess she is like mommy..tsk! random, but sudden urge to spend money and shop shop shop! This is very bad! But it's okay I shall be awesome and spend on Lihai and the baby! :D That way no one can complain I'm wasting money, and I'm instead being nice!:)) 

Anyway, my bubble tea craving has not left..I think I shall be heading out to get me some bubbxz and go spend money on skincare products! About time I know! I seriously need to start taking care of my skin, before Lihai leaves me when I'm 30. Okay, that's not really the reason, but lately I've been feeling annoyed that it feels oily and all..when according to the beautician my skin is the dry type. -.- And the beauticians always get damn shocked when I tell them I dont even use a cleanser and they start going on about how I should start taking care of my skin. Thus...I shall. Hopefully, I don't buy and use it once or twice and then leave it there. Bad habit, that's why I never bothered to buy anymore skincare products. Time to for a new change, and to be less lazy! Shall try to have awesome skin like Kaitlin! Her skin is so soft and smooth..miss being a baby/small little girl :( Sucks to grow old!


  1. Melv said Kaitzxs looks rlly preets in the last picture!

  2. Hehe! :) thanks thanks! Up for adoption for a few days, if you know what i mean..haha!