Wednesday 16 November 2011

little snowflakes

christmas is coming!woohoo!can't wait!:)) but sadly i think i wont be able to partake in the whole xmas shopping see as how town would be so crazily crowded and it would be super inconvenient to bring Kaitlin out with us!:(

anyway, you might be wondering why the title is little snowflakes! haha! cos of this:

okay, i know my toes are not chio and all, and you can criticise all you want but doesnt the nail polish make you feel like christmas is coming?! *wiggles toes* hurhur

yupp, so left the house in the evening for a little bit to meet enna to get our nails done at fep as usual! i think like 95% of the time i have my nails done at fep just cos its affordable and so near my house! but like there isnt like a specific one i always go to, like i will just switch based on my moods. i know, i'm weird like that hurhur.

anyway, after getting our nails down, we went down to Shilin and got sweet plum sweet potato fries which are absolutely nomxz! just that today they weren't exactly cooked thoroughly and im still having a sore throat so i couldn't enjoy it like how i usually do! :( meanwhile we went to the Korean supermarket. always like to drop by there when im at fep just cos, im greedy and like looking and buying food/snacks!  if you go you must buy the peach drink! its damn nice!:)) anyway, this time round i bought seaweed! cos i was craving the seaweed that valerie and i used to buy from NP co-op. here they are:



eating the kimchi one as i blog!and like its really affordable! like 2 bucks for each packet. and each packet consists of 8 smaller packets. which makes it 25cents each! and there are many pieces inside!:) 

moving on! we went to Din Tai Fung! Enna had her fried rice and i had some mango dessert thing to soothe my throat! then..the boy called!:)) didn't talk for long cos i felt it would be quite rude to just ignore Enna and talk on the phone, and anyway, he will be calling tmr again anw so no worries! plus plus Friday is coming:)) woohoo! 

well after all that, we went back to my place cos Enna wanted to see Kaitlin as well. but of course, my nanny being an utter bitch says she wants to sleep and tried to chase us away! HELLOO we pay you money, you do the job. and it was 930 only lor and she was watching the ch8 show. LIES. so unhappy with her! only tolerating her cos i need someone to look after Kaitlin while im ill and cos Kaitlin has her acid reflux issues. well anyway, so Enna and i spent the rest of the time stalking/bitching/laughing at people just like the old times!really felt like us hanging out last time. doing mani/pedis -> eating DTF -> stalking/laughing/bitching:))

yayy to many years of friendship! k, not many years, but it has been quite a few years!and it is hard for friendships to last that long. or well at least for me, i must confess, i'm not very good with friendships. :( that obviously goes to show that im not really a good friend..:( but yeah, i must admit i do have my fair share of mistakes like neglecting my friends etc. but that's in the past k! i'm trying to be a better friend to all my friends! and what's more i dont really have that many girl friends! cos girls, like me are sensitive.. and i just cant click with them! so hence, i count this friendship as one to be treasured:) <3

okay, that's all for the night! shall turn in soon cos i got to go to the market tmr to buy veggies! yes, the life of a housewife/mother. hurhur. here's a picture i took of Kaitlin this morning to end off the post!

so adorbxz right!:) <3


  1. "cos girls, like me are sensitive.. and i just cant click with them! so hence, i count this friendship as one to be treasured:) <3"



  2. Yes! i'm saying you are not sensitive :D hurhur!