Monday 7 November 2011

a new beginning

it's all gonna begin from here!

erase the past, or rather, i prefer to keep it in my memory, and look forward and begin a whole new chapter. from blogger to livejournal to onsugar to wordpress and back to blogger. i think i shall stop switching and stick to this page from now!

looking back at my old posts from my numerous (cos im fickle like that!) blogs, from the ones dating back to when i was just in secondary school, i can proudly say, i've grown! from all the 'coz', 'u', 'tot', 'wan' 'dun noe' (i must admit that was pretty ahlian! but i know of many people who used that language too okay!i think it was some trend then alright!so dont be judging! if i still use it now, you can judge! haha!)

so well. 2011 hasn't come to an end. but i feel, it's time for me to start all over again. to try and forget the hurt, sadness and anger in the past. to only keep them to a small portion of my heart and take them as learning lessons, and mistakes i shall never repeat, or at least try not to repeat again. to keep the wonderful and beautiful memories of love, joy and happiness in my heart and to hopefully remember them till my hair turns grey.

i always wanted to start blogging all over again on a new page, well i did..on wordpress. but i decided to change! and so here, it shall begin!:) all i hope for is that the rest of 2011 works out for me, cos honestly, my closest of friends would know, 2011 has been a year of many ups and downs. about a month plus left till the end of the year..we shall see!:)

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