Thursday 17 November 2011


KAITLIN is 2 MONTHS OLD! YAYY!:)) so i did a little something something for her! it's not fantastic, but i tried okay! as many of my friends know, im a complete noob when it comes to using programmes like photoshop, illustrator, dreamweaver etc. all i can prob do is like write proposals. -.- yes, how did i graduate from mass comm? i ask myself that question alot of times too!i think it's basically a case of one ear in, one ear out :( sorry la, not very smart allxz! but yes, anyway! here it is!:)

ended up spending two afternoons and nights downloading tons of brushes & patterns! now my laptop is overflowing with them -.- doubt i will even use them anytime soon, but i shall try!:) when i have the time that is!

well, besides all that. Ronald came by to surprise visit Kaitlin! but the silly girl just fell asleep! well, she woke up and he got to carry her! so i guess the godpa was very happy! haha! he bought me, or rather Kaitlin a nutella tart for her burfs! well at least we both get to have some of it..if you know what i mean! hurhur!

Tmr is Friday! and that means Lihai will be booking out! and that also means we've been tgt as a couple for 25 months!:D <3 Woohoo! can't wait to see him! :)) the channel 8 7pm show just started! i shall go have my dinxz (pig trotters with vinegar!!) and yayy!
HAPPY 2 MONTHS KAITLIN! I love you baby girl <3 always happy to see you smile and make your little coos and all now! heehee baby girl has grown and developed! can't wait to celebrate when she is a year old:D and then she can say MAMA! though the nanny tells me that apparently Kaitlin mumbles "mam mam or ma ma" at night now!:D haven't witnessed it yet so i cant wait to! for now, i get "ello's" which i presume is from teaching her to say hello! haha!:)

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