Monday 21 November 2011


Finally! the boy gets to book out and I get to spend the weekend with him!:D okay, so it isn't that bad as it seems cos afterall he got to book out during the weekend when he first booked in cos of hari raya! but still, it feels pretty awesome being able to spend time with him, though we didn't really get to spend much alone time:(

Friday was spent looking for the MP -.- never knew that many ppl would be going to see the MP on a FRIDAY! and oh my the wait was so long!! we reached there at like 830pm and left at 1230am! 4 whole hours! could have done so many other things like catching a movie etc! we were supposed to go for supper but obviously that failed! we ended up having a light dinner at a coffee shop at Bukit Merah. Here's a picture that we took while waiting for the food to arrive:

After dinner we went back to the place, let some guy take down our "issues" and then we left to go eat again before returning back! ended up at prata paradise at tiong bahru area. sadly the maggie goreng i ordered wasn't fantastic! anw, we finally went back to the place! thought it was closed alr cos there seemed to be no one there! thankfully, we got there before everyone saw the MP. finally made our way back home after that and did the boy's laundry. i know..why the hell are we doing laundry in the middle of the night? well, he had to book back in on Sunday, so as a precaution to make sure his clothes would be dried by then, we did the laundry that night!Finally went to bed at like 2am?

Saturday was spent at Tiong Bahru market in the morning! Always like going marketing with Lihai! Whether it is the wet market or supermarket! We bought groceries then had breakfast --> chicken rice + you tiao!:) haven't had chicken rice in eons! like the last time I had chicken rice was before I was preggers (i think!) then we headed back..and rested, had lunch, disturbed each other and napped for half an hour before waking up to shower and heading to his place. Cabbed to CCK and woohoo there was a pasar malam! but sadly I wasn't hungxz so I skipped the snacking.  Got Frolick instead! Speaking of which, was enjoying my froyo until Lihai exclaimed "What is that!" I thought he was referring to the mochi..but no...IT WAS A FLY. GROSS MAX! zzz. anw, we got a tiny cup of froyo after complaining! I don't think they even had the sense to like offer us another cup of froyo. like they seemed pretty grossed out by the fly as well and just stood there.. -.- well, moving on! we went to NTUC to grocery shop (SEE! I told you I enjoy grocery shopping!) then headed back home and waited for his dad and bros to get dinner! Cabbed back after. We attempted to watch Material Queen (Taiwan drama) on his laptop, but we both got really sleepy halfway through the we ended up going to bed earls!

guess we shall continue watching when he books out this weekend!

Sunday was spent in town! We went kai kai around town and and and Lihai got me this!:

hehe! #happygirl91 :D except that, well the bracelet is in PINK! don't know why, but I couldn't seem to find an image of the bracelet in PINK! so thus..just imagine it in pink hurhur!:) yupp, it was very sweet of him to have gotten it for me <3<3<3 thank you baby!:) 

well..then sadly after that, he had to book in again:(( sent him to the bus stop and then it was byebye see you next weekend!:(


speaking of which! he just called! managed to talk to him for half an hour plus!:) sigh, feel so sad that he isn't around by my side to give me a hug:( so sweet of him to listen to my problems even though he is in camp and probably isn't having the time of his life. kinda regret telling him my problems's like we get so little time to talk to each other everyday and I end up using it as a therapy session instead of sharing what we did today and all that happy stuff!sigh, sorry baby! I shall try to be less emo nemo next time we talk on the phone!

oh well, in short the weekend was WHEEE-TASTIC! Looking forward to the coming weekend!:) 

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