Monday 7 November 2011

when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade!

the baby is still sleeping, so i shall do a really quick post! before all my time and attention for the day goes to her!

so well, today is 7th Nov, which also means it's been 6 months since Lihai and I have been married :) <3 happy monthsary baby! i'm so happy that we made it through 6 months of marriage. yes, we definitely had our fair share of fights during the mere 6 months we were tgt, sometimes to the point that it didnt make sense or where the fights got so bad. but we got through it! and welcomed Kaitlin to this world tgt!:) let's look forward to being tgt till our hair turns grey and when we no longer have teeth to nomxz away! it's not gonna be a smooth sailing ride, but i know i'm willing to get to the end if you are!:) i love you!

yes, this very awesome person called Lihai entered my life since we were in volleyball in year one of NP! nothing happened, and well 2 years back, we started talking and one thing led to another..we had Kaitlin and got married on 7th May 2011!:)

sadly, the boy had to book in early this morning, and we didn't get to spend this special day tgt. he enlisted last week on 3rd Nov, and luckily cos of the hari raya holiday he got to book out for the weekend! if not it would be a 2 week confinement - no seeing him for 2 weeks! so the next time i see him will be on the 18th! which is our 25 month tgt as a couple!:) poor Kaitlin! hope she doesn't miss her papa and cries too much!:(

well, that means, it just leaves Kaitlin & me alone! but thankfully, cos ive got awesome friends like Karyan

she will be accompanying for the next two weeks during the weekdays despite having to mug for her exams! so hopefully i get can get chores done and take a break and not feel so lonely! see! i told you she's awesome!:) i wld be sad and lonely girl without her!:( 

anw, back to the point! the boy left on 3rd Nov, leaving me and kaitxz but with the confinement nanny still! she left on the 5th! and the minute after she left, i was like UH-OH! before that i was like assuring Lihai that I can do it and nothing to worry, then it really struck me I'm all alone! but well he came back at night so thank god or i might have died! so i guess for the next 9 weeks at least, i got to live with not seeing the boy during the weekdays and looking after Kaitlin myself. well, looking after Kaitlin myself is gonna be longer than 9 weeks..well, i can say for sure, i don't know how im gonna get through this 9 weeks even!but all i can do is try! and try to believe in myself that i can be a super mommy and that i can do it!:) well Kaitlin has to co-operate to! so let's cross fingers! it's not easy being away from your husband and looking after a tiny one all by yourself k! plus, im a first-time mommy, and my friends are not mothers or married at all so it's hard to get advice or help! those of you with boyfriends alr feel like crying when they go into army, imagine this man! but like i said, thankfully i have awesome friends, so it makes things that much better!

so when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! instead of wallowing in self-pity, i shall learn to be independent and try to do my best in looking after Kaitlin!and look forward to 18th Nov!:) time shall pass fast! and in no time i shall be a super mommy and wife:) hurhur! Alright, the baby is still sleeping (thankfully!) so i shall quickly continue with the chores! toodles!:) xx

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