Tuesday 27 December 2011

all i want for christmas is you

christmas has come and gone..so fast!

well, here's how i spent the last few days..
23rd December
Finally met the girls + ronald for Christmas dinner! A few hiccups here and there:
1. The freaking heavy rain + massive jam causing huge delays
2. The freaking heavy rain causing poor karyan to be travelling ard and getting drenched
3. Accidentally breaking ronald's present..
4. Baby crying
5. Oven caused the electricity to go off for awhile
6. Oven causing spark sounds on the stove..like WTF?
7. Baby crying

Yeah, so basically as you can see..the baby cried quite a fair bit. I really do not understand why, but honestly it kinda pissed me off quite a fair bit..cos well, I haven't met all of them for really long..and we can finally sit down and have a meal..but so many things had to go wrong, and for some reason the baby could not be soothed..

Well, food was pretty good! Sorry for the lack of pics cos well..baby was crying and I had my hands full..sigh..but I guess you could use your fruitful imagination to picture what dinner was like!
We had turkey with chestnut stuffing, honey baked ham and roasted pork knuckle! Not forgetting campbell mushroom soup and potato salad which was damn awesome imo.

We also surprised Ronald! Yes! Pretty early, but we celebrated his birthday! His birthday present haul included Tintin items! And it was really quite funny seeing how happy he was to receive Snowy, this soft toy! No offense, dont get angry if you read this Ronald..but haha, turning 28 and being really happy to receive a soft toy is quite funny! *judge judge* But of course, we are really glad he likes his presents! Not forgetting! Nutella tart as his birthday cake! Nomxz!

nutella tart!
(picture taken by Karyan)

Well, besides that..the awesome husband surprised me yet again! I kinda sensed it coming..but as the day was passing, and Kaitlin kept crying, I got really depressed..and as I was telling Lihai it didnt seem like a miracle was gonna happen..until..he appeared!:D Everyone knew, except me..I was thinking to myself if he is gonna surprise me, will he just tell me he is coming home so I can stop feeling so annoyed and depressed..or if anyone knew..would they tell me. But of course no one did..tsk! Literally jumped onto Lihai when I saw him..think everyone was judging..but sorry lah, 2 weeks never see him right..ended up tearing a lil as well..emotional and sensitive like that okay! 

yupp! as you can see..after all that ruckus..she finally got tired..and the boy was sleepy as well..so i ended up looking after Kaitxz in the middle of the night! So much for night duty ah! it never happened! shall continue on about xmas eve and xmas in my next post! this is too exhausting alr + i got some other stuff to do ^^

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