Saturday 31 December 2011

christmas eve + christmas day

It's the third year that Lihai and I have spent xmas tgt! Only this year, it's a tad different! cos we've got Kaitxz!:)

Christmas eve was spent in town. Went out with Lihai's army friends to find presents for their gf and supposedly for me..which didnt happen cos we ended up at Sakae for quite a while. Brought Kaitzxz along as well! After that, we walked around town and went home to chill/nuah! Oh yes! I bought my hello kitty compact mirror! For some reason, they brought it in to SG! :D 

On Christmas day, we went to MOF at Lot One for lunch! The food was pretty good :D Sadly, i didnt take any photos..other than a pic of Lihai's ramen, the soup damn good! Idk why whenever Lihai orders ramen, the broth is to die for! But when I order ramen, it's just okay! Even if it is the same ramen -.-

After lunch, we went back to nuah..wanted to bring Kaitxz down to play, but she was we didnt :( headed out in the evening for dinxz! Lihai brought me to HooHa! Cafe and it was really fun! Super chill night which we haven't had in awhile..or rather, our "special" occasions usually sees us at places like the flyer or at mt faber,  those kinda places, so it's great that it's a change! Esp since, I FINALLY GET TO EAT SEAFOOD! Yes!! How awesome! 100days, or according to Lihai 101 days! Hehe! So I ended up eating Jap food for 3 straight days, damn awesome pls. Although the first day I didn't realise I could alr eat seafood and during the lunch at MOF I also didnt realise I could even though Lihai says so but I didn't believe. I just couldn't resist all the yummilicious tempting items on the menu at HooHa! We skipped the usual appetizers, mains and desserts and ended up ordering like sides for dinner cos everything looked good! And and finally, I drank alcohol again! OMG. Sorry, this is probably damn wtf but, hello! I've abstained from alcohol + seafood for almost ONE YEAR!! Hello! That's bloody long, considering that I love seafood and I enjoy drinking! So yes, I was very happy that they served Erdinger! Love love! Ordered a bourbon coke as well!

Dinner wasn't very long cos we were worried about leaving Kaitxz for too long, so we went home after dinner. Got back home and cut the cake I bought in the afternoon! It is super cute okay! Frosty the snowmannn! :D Doesn't taste as good as it looks though..

Sorrs, damn lazy to rotate the photo haha! So, yes that's basically how we spent xmas this year :) It's currently 10.35pm on NYE..the year is ending pretty soon and it's

goodbye 2011, hello 2012!

Hope 2012 is gonna be a better year. Really do not need more "adventures" in my life. I think I've had my fair share of 'downs' this year, so I'm hoping 2012 will be a little bit more smooth sailing..that's really all I hope for. I do not need another mishap or setback to happen. Well, other than that I of course wish for more money as well heeehee!:D Hope your 2012 is gonna be awesome xx

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