Monday 5 December 2011

if this was a movie, you'd be here by now

Been super busy, and hence the lack of updates! I think the updates are gonna get lesser..I forsee the upcoming weeks to be very busy and tiring for me:((

The nanny's left, and I'm looking after Kaitxz myself! Thank god the nanny left on a Friday, and Lihai gets to book out on that day! Was so freaking exhausted..luckily KY came by as well!:)) So sweetxz <3 Took turns with Lihai over the weekend to look after Kaitxz and take naps..feeling so old..haha! And oh yes! very happy that my 11:11 wish came true that day:)) hehe

Anyway, the boy passed his driving test! So yayy! Only problem..where's the car?! Haha! Well super happy he passed!:)) Superdad fo' sure! Was getting worried that if he didn't pass he would be grumpy! And I wouldn't want to deal with two grumpy people! Speaking of which..Kaitxz and Lihai are really alike..this morning, when I woke up early to get packing and do some chores, the both of them were sleeping like logs -.- felt like taking a pic and uploading it, but later Lihai get angry all..But seriously when their sleeping positions were alike it was super cutee! Dont care man! I'm so gonna take a picture the next time! Punishment for sleeping in and not helping me out!

Well, so I met the boy in town on Saturday. Was practically rushing out of the house to make it in time before the clinic closes so that I can take Kait's height and weight..and drumroll...the baby girl is:

5.4kg and 58cm :))

Back to the rushing out part, yes, the baby girl was being naughty again so I had a hard time going out of the house! Put her into the sling and was about to step out then she started crying so I had to carry her with one hand and manage other things like closing the house door..opening the taxi door etc. -.- but, SUCCESS!:D And while I was waiting for Lihai to get to town, I walked around, and it got too tiring carrying her so I decided to bring her to the changing room for a diaper change..and when I put her new diaper on, she peed..and ended up peeing on her dress! Her preets purps dress! Sadly I dont have a pic of it :(( I was really sad that she peed on it! :( was planning to show her to Lihai..

Well anyway! I had a Super Mommy moment in the changing room..okay, actually it is really lame, but like k so there was this probably 2 years old..and she had to have her diapers changed, so in came her mother, grandmother and maid -.- LIKE HELLO?! you need 3 ppl to change her diapers? -.- and I was changing Kaitlin alone. So there you go! My Super Mommy moment! Cheap thrill much!

Speaking of which, the traffic in town on Saturday was really bad! All due to the Christmas season! So if you are heading to town, I would strongly suggest taking the MRT..OMG christmas shoppinggg! I think having Kaitxz is a blessing in disguise! Cos I've to look after her, it prevents me from shopping = save money!!

Latest update! My attempt to put Kaitxz to sleep failed :(( She fell asleep on me..but when I put her down she cried :(( so back to square one! Now I'm trying to let her play again so that hopefully she gets tired..omg! So sleepy! Faster get tired Kaitxz then we can go orh orh! Shall go entertain Kaitxz now!

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