Sunday 11 December 2011


Decided to do a blog post on my phone since I've been really busy and well very exhausted:(

This week has been pretty good so far other than the fact that I feel super lethargic and I can't help but feel damn sian about life plus I feel like there's too many things going on and I can't juggle it all..:(

Well life hasn't been all that bad! On Tuesday, Thomas came by to visit little Kaitxz and he bought her a really cute dress! A little too big for her to wear now, but I shall let her wear it once she can!

After that, met Enna for lunch and the poor girl waited for Kaitlin to wake up from her 3hr snooze! She bought Kaitxz clothes as well! Very preets right!

On Wednesday, Karyan came over as well! Other than all that..something really irrelevant, but, I've been like drinking lots of sweet drinks like gongcha (3 days in a row) which explains why I'm not losing weight -.- seriously need to stop all this binge eating + drinking!

Lihai has also been really sweet:) last Sunday before he booked in, he bought me a tin of hello kitty cookies!

And the other day, he got his friend to deliver me a rose :)) <3

Best of all! On thurs night, he surprised me by coming back home! :D Didn't know he was gonna book out..thought he was only gonna book out on Sat but he managed to book out earls. However, tt means his confinement has been postponed to Xmas/NYE week..:(

Yesterday, Lihai, Kaitxz and I went to town:)) kinda fun going to town tgt but like really tiring too cos we gotta carry Kaitxz but I guess a while more and we can use the pram so shld be much easier!we even took a bus to town okay! But like after we exited the expressway she made noise so we cabbed hurhur. Anw! Here's a picture we took yesterday to end off the post! So cute right! Heehee!

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