Monday 12 December 2011

monday mourning

It's super earls and I'm freezing cold:(( + super shagged! Kaitlin slept at 1.30am and woke up at 4am and I looked after her till like 530am and even then she still wasn't asleep..-.- it's amazing how when you're tired you can just sleep through any noise..well at least for me cos I don't get to sleep easily!

Anyway, today's Monday..which means Lihai is booking in later :(( he will be going for his field camp from wed! 6 days of no phone calls! And also he won't be able to book out till the weekend after:'( this would be like the longest time we will be spending apart..don't know how imma get through it!:( and hopefully Kaitlin will be a good girl and cry less and of course I hope she doesn't miss her daddy and end up crying like mad! I really won't know what to do..:( let's hope the coming week passes by real fast!

Anyway! some pictures I took last night!:)

her eyes are seriously hugeeee!

Lihai placed her hanky on top of her head! Tsk!
We are planning to use this as
official blackmail material
 if she decides to be naughty in the future!

Yayy! Family picture! Quality damn bad
but it's the people in the picture that matter <3

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