Sunday 18 December 2011

three / twenty - six months

Kaitlin is officially 3 months old!:D *throws glitter in the air*

She is currently asleep now, so I shall try to sneak in a post!:))

Well, I guess being 3 months marks the last month of her being considered a newborn! After more "she is just a baby..still so small and young" etc kind of thing! That means, she better be on her best behaviour,  if not mommy over here is gonna be really angry! At 3 months, I must say the little princess can really rule her own kingdom! Here's why:

1. Keeping the entire Li family up with her cries
2. Having 2/3 people looking after her at one time
3. And as a result, those 2/3 people end up sleeping at wee hours of the morning
4. Sometimes, it would just be me dealing with her fussiness from day to night and night to day:(
5. When she smiles and talks, or sometimes when she just simply doesn't crying (very rare), she is known to be the cutest thing alive..
6. When she cries/screams the whole world goes into panic attack 3 months and already ruling her own tiny little kingdom, what happens when she is 3 years old or 13 years old! :( I can't bring myself to imagine..I can only think of her being super rebellious and throwing things around the house D: but there's hope I guess! It's all about bringing up the child the right way which also means no more spoiling her!

At 3 months, this little precious girl can sure do alot of things! I guess most babies can do it too..but every baby is different right! So I shall just jot it down and in future, she can look back at this post and know what amazing things she was capable of doing/or rather "fun facts" about her!

1. She has begun to "grab" things..this ranges from my shirt, to my hair and even the hairs of people who carry her! Lihai says, Kaitlin probably cries when he is carrying her cos he has got no hair for her to pull!

2. Kaitlin can say hello..or rather "ello"/"erro"

3. Kaitlin can say "mama" or "mamamama". K I don't think she really is saying "mama" intentionally, but more of some sound she makes that sounds like that..but I would choose to prefer to think she is really smart and loves me to bits and is calling out for me! heehee self denial much!

4. When on her tummy, she can lift her head more, and for longer periods of time! This despite the fact that I haven't been giving her regular tummy time!

5. When angry/upset/excited, she sure can kick! She can be like the next Chun Li in streetfighter!

6. Her fingernails grow really fast! I don't know if this is normal for babies but like, I almost have to cut her nails every week! I take this a good news as we can go for manicures next time!:D:D like maybe every week! Hehe!

7.  One of her foot is bigger than the other..let's hope it ends up the same size!

8. She drools quite abit and sticks her tongue out! I admit, the tongue sticking out part might be because of me..oops! But I stopped doing it to her for awhile already but she still does it as and when! I think it is a natural reflex!

9. She really is smart! Like for example when she cries and cries and I wanna do something like change her diaper..I will put on a fierce and low tone and go "Kaitlin...Kaitlin..." and she will pause for a split second and open her eyes, I continue to tell her I'm gonna change her diaper and it works!! Not 100% full proof though!

10. She can roll to her side..she seems to prefer rolling to her left side or maybe that's the only side she can roll to for now!

11. Of the 4 toys on her mobile, she seems to really dislike or be scared of the elephant..but she seems to like the ducky and the horse/giraffe thing..i really can't figure out what it is..but I think she likes it cos it is PINK!:D

12. Her farts are really loud..and so are her cries

13. She likes to be outside..sometimes when crying even walking around the house is not good enough for her, she only stops when I step outside and walk along the corridor!

14. She likes to talk! And I think sometimes she is scolding/fighting with the animals on her mobile

15. Sometimes, when she farts/shits she will cry as well -.- why?! I don't understand..but like when I'm bathing her and sometimes she starts crying I know she probably is shitting..and maybe she is letting me know? Hurhur I don't know..but maybe it's her communicating to me!

Okay, 15 things are enough! There are like a million other things I noticed about her..but that's just too many!

#likeaboss when she's asleep

oh yes, there's a picture of Lihai and Kaitlin sleeping! Finally took a picture of them when they are both asleep! Super alike right? Like father, like daughter! :) 

Speaking of which, today marks 26 months since Lihai and I got together..but oh usual, he is away in army and we are unable to celebrate or even be together..starting to get used to how bleak army has caused my life to be:( if i became depressed it's the army's fault! Well, let's hope field camp has been alright for him, esp with all the downpours and all..and omg, hope he takes a proper shower after that..can't imagine being icky for 6 days and not bathing :( gross!! Yayy tmr is Monday! Looking forward to his phonecall!:) <3

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