Friday 13 January 2012

been awhile

Just ended driving lesson and waiting for the bus to come so I thought I'd blog since it's been awhile since I last blogged.

Basically life's been the same. Waking up earls to go bbdc for driving..if not I wld be at home slping/looking after kaitxz. After I get home it's showering kaitxz, feeding, washing clothes..and entertaining the princess! #lifeofahousewife

Well last sat, the boy POP-ed! Shall blog about that in the next post! And spent the weekend + mon celebrating his burfs:) boy was down with high fever from wed night & yest..poor thing :( being sick during his block leave..i suppose he has gotten his posting via SMS alr. Damn eager to go home and find out what it is. I seriously hope he gets a 8-5 vocation *crosses fingers* pls pls! :(( would be damn depressed if he didn't :( reaching home in a bit, so yeah hopefully good news!

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