Thursday 26 January 2012

lihai's 21st

this is even more overdued than the last post! Have been super busy looking after Kaitlin, and hence the lack of updates:(

Anw! Here's what happened:

As planned, Lihai met his friends to play bball - his favourite activity, which I honestly don't understand why he can wake up early for basketball but not other shopping and breakfast! Guess it's a guy thing. So while he went out, I quickly decorated his room with cards from his friends wishing him happy birthday! I forgot to take a pic..but it looked something like this:

managed to get the baby to sleep so i sneaked in a shower hehe! anyway, after his game, met lihai downstairs to distract him while his friends went up to decorate his room with balloons and ready to surprise him. the funny thing was when we were going back home, lihai was like eh why are their slippers outside the door, all i could managed was a "i dont know" and then we went in to the house and he saw their bags in the living room -.- anw, they still managed to surprise him so not that bad! and so cute! the balloons had hello kitty on them :)

we were super behind were suppose to be at the lunch venue at 1pm..but by the time we surprised him it was 1pm alr so I chased Lihai to rush and all. Worse of all, it was raining damn badly. Ended up cabbing with his friends to PoMo. Surprised him with lunch at his friend's sis's restaurant - Bento HotPot with his secondary friends + poly friends. (don't even know if that is grammatically correct -.-) 

Lunch was really nomxz! They had this cold appetizer egg thing, omg damn awesome pls.

anyway, after lunch we surprised him with his awesome cake!

pic quality damn bad:( kinda hard having to carry Kaitlin in one hand and trying to take awesome photos! Maybe, that shall be my new challenge..hopefully i can do a better job next time hurhur. 

well anw, after lunch we went back home..was supposed to bring him out for dinner but didn't in the end cos Kaitxz was being naughty and we weren't sure if his mommy could handle her at night. there's always next year I guess!

Brought him to lunch at Ikoi! Finally managed to bring him there. Wanted to bring him there like I think during our second year anniversary but cos I wasn't able to eat seafood then, so no point going right! 

In the evening, brought him to Jurlique Day Spa at Alocassia Apartments to do a couple facial! He'd been bugging me that he needs to do a facial ever since he came back from his field camp but I had just been ignoring him, so yes this was his surprise! Was still tricking him into thinking I was going to bring him to do a boyzillian. Hurhur! Anyway, facial was great! Super relaxing and they didn't hard-sell at all. In fact, they didn't bug us at all. I hate it when you go somewhere and they ask you this and that and try to sell you this and that. Damn annoying. I realised I have no pics again:( blehhh shall try and remember to take pics next time. That was basically in it! Shall end off with pics of Kaitxz when we played with her that afternoon:

Super adorbxz!

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