Monday 2 January 2012

nye + ny

2012 is here! But before I start to get comfy with 2012, here's what Lihai, Kaitxz and I were up to on the last day of 2011, and how we spent the first day of 2012!

The three of us headed for brunch at The Marmalade Pantry at the stables!:) So cuteeee got to see ponies/horses! Didn't wander around much though..Lihai says next time..when we go try Riders Cafe! Hehe can't wait for the next time! :D We ordered steak and eggs and a fluffy coconut cake to share! SUPER DELISH! Wanted to order another serving, but we decided to save our tummy space for later..we had planned to go Ann Siang but we ended up in town in the end hurhur..what's new right!

After lunch, we cabbed to town and ended up shopping! Bought Lihai a pair of shoes as his second birthday present! Speaking of which..he found his first bday present thanks to my carelessness :( sobs my surprise plans failed..and they seem to be failing day by day D: Went back home in the eveningxz..watched material queen nomxz on nuts.mapo tofu + rice for dinner = yumxz. the boy got tired by 9ish/10 and slept first..woke him up based on his instructions...but he nuahed in bed..he didnt even recall that i woke him up to make his last 11:11 wish of the year -.- gsus. well anyway..we ended up in front of the telly..and Kaitxz in my arms..sort semi-asleep. and then 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR on the couch, with Lihai and Kaitxz. Was feeling kinda :( that we couldnt go out and celebrate, cos no offence, but I really hate seating in front of the couch on a day like this.. i just feel bleak :( but, well it's spent with Lihai and Kaitlin so I shan't complain:)

Woke up and went for lunch with my relatives at Crystal Jade at HV. Dropped us off at Ann Siang, but most of the shops were close so I was damn sian and decided that we should come another day..ended up going back to CCK in the end..basically that's all. Didn't do much, but here are some photos!

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