Wednesday 18 January 2012


This post is rather overdued!

Last Saturday was Lihai's POP at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. Went there tgt with his mom and Kaitxz + his friends. Couldn't see him at all -.- though I tried to okay! I think the most hilarious part was seeing them do the roar at the end. HAHA! I think never in my life would Lihai ever do something that retarded so that was super hilarious, judged a little! Haha! was really "awww...." seeing them throw their caps up in the air! So as if he was a small little boy graduating from kindergarten or something. Felt so happy for him, that he managed to get through it and that it's sorta finally over..though we all know it isn't. But it certainly beats being at Tekong forever. Also, it also means BLOCK LEAVE! Been waiting for this week for like foreverrrrrr.

We went back home & showered..or rather he showered & I bathed Kaitxz..took a short lil nap and JJ & his gf came over. drove to clarke quay to have bak ku teh and meet his friends. Omg love love the bak ku teh there. finally got to eat it like after a year plus. went to sticky to get my lollipop and bought Kaitxz this:

so adorbxz right?

anyway, we all went over to maxwell in an attempt to go eat lao ban tau huey which failed cos the shop was sold out..and it was like 4pm :( they asked us to wait till 630pm if we wanted -.- they wanted to go sing karaoke, and if it was open they would and then we get our tau huey after, but it was booked so we all went home! Lihai KO-ed in the car..and I was too shagged and bored so I KO-ed back and he rested more..while I attempted but failed cos Kaitlin was being a naughty girl! 

Surprised the boy with haagen-dazs at night..was supposed to be his "birthday cake"..the last two years I got him ice-cream cakes cos he doesn't have a preference for cakes and he likes ice-cream -.- so anw, there! he got his ice-cream! Plus..there was a real..even better cake waiting for him the next day :) 

more about his birthday in the next post:)

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