Wednesday 1 February 2012


I think I really need to stop blogging late posts! Technically, I'm not late cos CNY lasts for 15 days :D  Well anyway, the following pics in this post are from CNY eve and CNY day 1! It's Kaitlin's first CNY!:)

We didn't really do much. Had the usual steamboat dinner on the eve at Lihai's. I think another year of it and I might barf everything out. Traumatized from all the steamboat liao after puking the food out on the second day of CNY. Gross. The vomit I mean. 

Well, anyway. Honestly speaking, I don't like CNY, other than the fact that it gives me a valid reason to buy new clothes! :D:D To me, it's quite a dumb holiday. I mean I respect the traditions and stuff and the rational behind it, but I just think it is plain stupid that everywhere has to be closed on CNY day 1, and even day 2. However, I have to say more and more shops are opening up on those days and very soon I think in 10 years time, all the shops would prob be open. Plus, why dont other holidays like Hari Raya or Deepavali get two days off! I think that should happen for maintaining racial harmony purposes and just cos everyone could do with an extra holiday! 

A new reason why I hate CNY..I CAN'T RECEIVE ANYMORE ANGPOWS. What is this?! I think everyone should either be given angpows or not at all..afterall they are supposed to be like a blessing. Well, at least Kaitlin gets angpows I guess..but next year we gotta that means, Lihai and I are gonna go hide! Go find a little caveeeee and hide from the rest of the world! We'll leave Kaitxz at home to collect all the angpows which also means we get couple time:D:D haha just joking la! Kaitxz would probably wreak havoc and start tearing up and eating all her angpows! She will just act all innocent like in these photos:


Then when all the visitors leave, she will start chewing off all those little red packets. I'm pretty sure of it, esp since she likes to put everything into her mouth!

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