Thursday 15 March 2012

back where we started off

Have not blogged in awhile as I've been pretty busy settling some stuff ! Well, I've finally moved back to  my place! (HURRAY!)

Yes, it feels great to be back home again..and being able to do whatever I want without nagging and stuff! Also, I'm back to being super near town. Problem is, now that I've got a maid, I can't possibly just go out all the time and not be at home to supervise her and stuff since she is new and all.  Plus, it also means an additional expense, so time to cut down on the brunches and shopping! Oh well. Lots of pros and cons. 

So we finally moved back on Sat - the same day we picked the maid up and it was CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! Yes, been busy cleaning up the place, and looking after the tiny little one, who well, I think is not used to the environment and thus has been crying quite a fair bit. Poor girl! What's more, she is ill again! Gonna bring her to the paediatrician again later :( Prior to that, I've been busy settling the maid stuff, so I've not had much time to do my own stuff + blog etc..Shall attempt to do a proper update soon..

Right now, Kaitlin is sleeping on me while I type this post. If you think about it, it is kinda endearing that she refuses to be placed on her chair or on the bed, but only wants to rest on me. HOWEVER. That also means, mommy doesn't get to rest or do other stuff! :( oh well..I decided to take a pic of what's happening now..just to "picture-fy" this post! :D

Omg, I look damn cui pls.  Lack of sleep + clingy baby :(

Anw, here are more photo booth pics of Kaitxz that I took just the other day!

I shall end of the post with this:

HAHAHA! Have a great week cos tmr's FRIDAY! :D:D:D

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