Thursday 1 March 2012

post field camp + vday

Another overdued post -.- well, lately nothing much has been happening in my life so really nothing much to update about. mostly been at home moping around my laptop checking the mommy forum pages and looking after Kaitlin cos Lihai was away for field camp. Due to his field camp, we didn't get to spend Vday tgt and only celebrated after. We didn't really have like the candle-lit dinner celebration and all that, but since it's like our third year, I guess that's alright. Though, it's the first Vday since we are married..oh well..all thanks to the army! >.<

Anyway, the boy came back on Thurs morning and surprised me with cake! Though it wasn't like a $10 cake or whatever, it was still the thought that counts <3 hehe!

Well, we showered etc and prepared and headed out! Went to vivo and bought Kaitxz a new top fro Zara, hehe! Super love the colour! Met Enna for lunch at Marche. YAY ROSTI! :D Lihai ordered steak, but honestly it wasn't that was like rubbery and chewy -.-  We went to toysrus and..well kinda spent quite awhile there. Think Lihai will never be tricked by me to go in again cos like I want to get everything for Kaitxz but Went back in the evening and attempted to be sweet  by surprising him with chilli crab cup noods and bottled vitasoy..I KNOW. WTF? Sorry right,  was trying to reminisce the past with him! Anw! I hid a letter under the cover of the cup noods, which hahaha I know he was touched by, though he probably won't admit it, but you can totally tell from his face kinda thing. HEHE. Oh yes, I brought him up to the rooftop of the carpark to do this....

Haha but Kaitlin was with us and she was crying and we didnt manage to like let it out into the sky properly :( But oh well, at least we tried! Haha! Kinda fail..but sigh, I guess no choice right? Was thinking of asking his mom to look after Kaitxz for awhile so I could surprise him with all these..but she wasn't home, so we had to make do :S  Well, anw, we went home and had our crab noods and soya milk and by then it was almost time for Kaitlin's bed we went to bed shortly after!

Brought Kaitlin for her 4 month vaccine on Fri. Delayed for a month! It was also Kaitlin's fifth month! :D Oh yes, the boy bought me roses on Fri morn while going down to get brekkie <3 and while getting ready to go out, he was watching his nba with Kaitlin! Haha so cute!

Also, it's evidence of how engrossed he is and not paying attention to Kaitxz putting her book in her mouth! Tsk!

After the jab, we went over to Pique Nique to nomxz. Sadly, their menu has shrunk! There used to be so many items on their menu, so we were kinda disappointed..Ordered a lemon chiffon mousse cake and cajun mac & cheese to share! The mac & cheese was really good!:D comfort food <3

Saturday was sorta spent doing more impt stuff and running errands..we had lunch at pizza hut at lot one and Kaitlin sat on the high chair!  Hehe! At first she was still sleeping so we laid her down on the sofa seat thing. Then she woke up so we decided to place her on the high chair while we ate. Obviously that did not last very long before she started screeching again! But still, so cuteeeeeee!

"Celebrated" monthsary by having dinner at some jap restuarant at ion. Kaitxz was being noisy again so we had to take turns to eat. Thankfully she finally fell asleep so we rushed back home as soon as she fell asleep in case she wakes up mid way back! True enough, she did and was screeching on the train! D: People seriously must think we are abusing her or not doing something right :( that is not the case okay! She is just a screecher! I'VE GOOGLED IT. They do it when they are excited, grumpy etc. Like communicating. Just that she prefers to SCREECHHHH instead of like mumble or something. Idk, maybe she wants to be a pokemon!

On Sunday, we stayed home and cooked for each other. Initially, he was supposed to cook for me but I decided to be nice and since we had extra ingredients. So he cooked aglio olio with prawns, and I cooked aglio olio with crab meat for him.

(cooked by Lihai) 

(cooked by me)

Sad to say, I have not cooked for the longest time and also cos it was the first time I was using that crab meat thing we didn't taste really good, so we ended up going to get pasta sauce to stir in with out pasta and it tasted x10 better! Haha! So well, that was basically it for Vday!


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