Friday 23 March 2012

weekend updates

Just a short post to update about the weekends..even though it is already Friday.

Fri/16 Mar
Was supposed to meet Lihai to go to the SmartKids Asia Fair at Expo but we changed plans and i met Lihai at Bishan. Got him Koi and then we went over to Thomson to have bak chor mee and satay beehoon. Sadly, the bak chor mee didnt taste as awesome as the last time. We wanted to be greedy and have dim sum too, but the maid cant eat pork, so we decided to skip it! Bought Rochor beancurd back instead. Was gonna bus to town to go to the taka baby fair, but Kaitlin pooped on the bus and it leaked, so we got off. Just nice we were at the Novena area so we went over to Velocity to change her. Wanted to go to United Square to get twelve cupcakes but the sold out :(( major sad. Went to toysrus after, but no damage to the wallets! By then, my flu was getting really bad, like my eyes were drying out and everything so we cabbed back home. Kaitxz fell asleep while we were heading home but she woke up as soon as we got home -.- She is such a light sleeper seriously!

Sat/ 17 Mar
KAITLIN IS SIX MONTHS OLD!! Yes, I can't believe it that it's been half a year! Time really flies! Soon she will be a year old! More about her being six months in another post! Anw, we started Kaitlin on solids. Our plan was to start her when she is 6 months old, but other people had to interfere in between by giving her little nibbles of stuff (annoying max) ANYWAY. Thus, we shall still take it that she is officially taking her FIRST TEASPOON OF SOLID ON HER SIXTH MONTH!

Anyway, headed out in the afternoon to the taka baby fair, and to do our usual rounds around town..went back by evening, had dinner etc!

Sun/ 18 Mar
Woke up still feeling super ill. Spent a large part of the day cleaning up the house and packing. Lihai was great help <3 In the evening, we were gonna head to Karyan's 21st, but it started pouring really badly. Like thunderstorm kinda thing so we had to call a cab..but no...FRIGGING HELL. We called on our three phones (our cellphones + house phone) alot of times, and it just kept telling us to call 10 mins later -.- SERIOUSLY. COMFORT. YOU INCREASE YOUR CAB PRICES AND THEN YOUR SERVICE LIKE SHIT, and no cab in the vicinity?! Plus, I say the service like shit cos like when it was the dontknowhowmanyeth time we were calling..I called first using the house phone, then like maybe 1 min or 2 later, Lihai called using his mobile..and he ended up getting the cab number before me -.- when I called earlier! Shouldn't it be first come first serve or something since it is the EXACT SAME LOCATION. Rawr. Anyway, it was really good seeing Valerie, Ronald and Karyan :D Sigh, wish it was much easier for me to go out with the baby and the baby would be a good girl then I can meet them often :( Soon soon! When Kaitlin is a year old, hopefully she will be more 'dong shi' (idk if my hanyu pinyin is correct!)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARYAN! YOU ARE 21 YEARS OLD! Another year older and wiser! Though, I think you are the smartest of us Sorry I couldn't stay long for your burfs but I'm happy to see that you have all your loved ones and friends by your side on your special day and that you were happy and stress-free that day! Hopefully, you weren't worrying about homework and projects! Must learn to CHILL k!:D <3<3<3 Hopefully we would still be great friends till Kaitlin is 21 years old! Haha! Here's to many more years of awesome friendship babe!:)

Anyway, no pics this post! No time to upload pics :(( perhaps the next post!

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