Tuesday 24 April 2012

Kaitlin's first swim!

Have not been blogging for quite a while and there are lots of overdued posts so I guess I should start striking them off my list. In fact, I've been taking photos of stuff we've been doing/I've been up to but haven't had the chance and time to blog..

Anyway, about a month back, we brought Kaitlin to the pool for her first swim! :D Bought this flower float thing with some of the mommies in OLL through taobao. Was deciding between this and the swim trainer, but Lihai thinks this is better so I heeded his advice and got this. Too cute for words! Also, cos the pump we have at home super lousy, it could not really pump the float so AWESOME DADDY blew it for Kaitlin! So sweet right! (See Kaitlin, pls appreciate your parents! Your daddy loves you so much! <3)

(taken with Instagram)

my little explorer!

Please do not call her Dora the explorer. I absolutely think Dora the explorer is one of the dumbest cartoon characters. I'm not too sure why I dislike it/her but seriously the name last warning ah. No offence to people named Dora, but calling a cartoon character Dora is kinda weird to me. 

The float is so adorbs! It has this propeller thingy in front (the blue thing!) and also the "controller" makes a squeaky sound when squeezed! LOL. 

Kaitlin is wearing the swimwear we got for her from the baby fair at Expo. It has this watermelon picture in the middle. Hurhur. We didn't get her those warmer jacket kinda thing, so we bring her when the sun is out to make sure she doesn't catch a cold. So far, so good!:D Babygirl has been enjoying her time at the pool and I think this means FUTURE SWIMMING LESSONS!

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