Friday 27 April 2012

Thoughts on pre-school

Have been checking out websites, blogs and places for pre-school choices for Kaitlin and it is giving me a freaking headache. Gahh. Why must Singapore be such a stressful country. Everything is about grades and qualifications, and of course that means keeping up with the rat race. Sigh. It is so tough deciding what I want best for Kaitlin and what's best for her, and really, what is the definition of the best education for a toddler. Research has shown that the first few years are crucial times where they can learn and all that and absorb things fast, but yet, some say that these are the times where they should enjoy and have fun. Some say if you keep them at home they will be anti-social and will have low EQ in future, while some say sending them to school is pointless and you are much better off spending time with them at home, showering them with love and care, as an insecure attachment with  a caregiver prevents a child from forming healthy relationship with others and letting them learn through play instead of going for math classes and brain stimulation classes and whatnot.

All I can say at this point is that..all this thinking and researching is worse than taking exams. It is not my life I am controlling or taking care of now, I am now responsible for my babygirl's life. Whatever happens in future to her is based on the choices I make now. It's like I can already foresee blaming myself in future for not having done this or not having done that when she was young. SIGH.

I feel like banging my head on the wall seriously. WHY SO DIFFICULT.

Another thing. Everything in Singapore is so bloody overpriced. Dreams of sending her to EtonHouse can kiss my ass goodbye. $7k a term plus close to $2k for registration. WHAT IS THIS?! Plus, is a prestigious pre-school really that different from an ordinary/average one? Well, I've been reading blogs and parents who have gone to view these schools say that there is a difference. Then the question is, is it worth paying? Is it necessary? Also, do we want to send our kids to these schools because they are well-known to have the best education? Or are we sending them for the name and prestige? Sending them cos we want the 'best' for them? Or sending them cos they were things we wanted?

Sigh. Now I'm torn between whether to send her to pre-school or not? If yes, half-day or full-day programme? If it is half-day, who is gonna be her caregiver? Is it gonna be me? Then what about working and all? Sure, if i had all the money in the world, I would gladly stay home with her, but no. Everything has a dollar sign behind it, so that would be quite impossible. Also, if no pre-school, then no school till when? And who is gonna look after her then? Will I be able to do away without a job for a couple more years so I can teach and look after her at home, to ensure, that she is taught and brought up exactly the way I want her to be and don't have to fret and worry about this and that. I'd rather do these things myself if I had the choice..

Gahh. Babygirl, why you grow up so fast and why you so precious?! <3

Speaking of growing up..just an update! Kaitlin has been able to sit up on her own since last month, and can also stand up on her own!:D She's been trying to show off her new found abilities alot and keeps using me as support to stand up. Also, we've spotted her first pearlie whites! Yes! Babygirl is teething already! Pretty soon, I foresee her biting me..guess it is gonna be time to take out the milk powder soon and start her on formula milk. Not very keen on formula milk since I've been breastfeeding for quite awhile and it is gonna be quite hard to transition her, since she can be quite picky and stubbon, but, I really would not want to be bitten, and honestly speaking, I AM NOT A COW. There is only so much milk I am capable of producing for her..

Oh well! It is Friday, I should just stop thinking about all of this and chill for a little while. Can't wait for the weekends to bring her down for her swim with daddy :D 

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