Friday 13 April 2012

Toys "R" Us

We've been going to Toys "R" Us quite a fair bit lately, just cos HELLO! IT IS A MAGICAL WONDERLAND FILLED WITH TOYS. EVEN ADULTS CAN'T RESIST OKAY. DON'T JUDGE! We HEART the place so much that we've become a member: HOORAY TO MORE TOYS! I predict that in the near future, we would soon be members of Popular as well. Those days will be filled with assessment books and stationery and soon, stacks of ten-year series..

Oh well, better treasure the precious moments I have with the baby girl. She really grows so fast! Before I know it she is gonna be a year old and I'm gonna miss her being a baby. Everytime she smiles and everytime she laughs, the moment is kinda hard to express with words, but it really just feels like one of the most awesome times of your life which you never ever wanna forget. It's really nice just to lie in bed and see her sleep..and wonder to yourself, this small girl is gonna grow up and big a big girl, going to school, dealing with all the exam stress, going to work, marrying the man of her life and starting her own family. Then it strikes you that, you are never gonna have this moment again, where your baby girl will remain as this tiny ball of love, learning new things and having endearing moments where you see her play and grow and discover the world around her. At about 5 this morning she woke up and I fed her and put her back to bed..thinking to myself, when is she gonna sleep through the night and when am I gonna get back my sleep and how tough bringing up a baby is..but as I continued to look at her sleep so peacefully and innocently, I just knew, everything was worth it. Then, she suddenly smiled while sleeping, that, just reaffirmed everything and how much I love my baby girl despite all her tantrums and what nots that come along with raising a girl, you grow so fast, and I'm already starting to miss you being a baby already!

Okay, I don't know how a post about Toys "R" Us ended up in me drifting and writing about something else -.- but oh welllllxz, shall try to stay focus next time! Haha!

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