Monday 7 May 2012

Happy One Year Anniversary!

A year has gone by since Lihai and I tied the knot. 365 days ago, on the beach, we said our "I do's".

It's amazing how one year has gone by in a flash. There were times where I would think that it would be impossible for us to last even a year, but amazingly we did and thankfully without much blood and tears involved. Okay, so there were tears involved..but well, much better than expected. Plus, what kind of relationship would it be if there weren't fights and arguments? I believe that it is only through this that we learn about each other and the relationship itself, and through this that we grow as a couple.

Thank you for being an amazing husband and father! I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! Sure, there are ways you can always improve and yada yada, but I must far you've been great! Thank you for doing things that I wanna do which you don't really like (e.g. shopping and walking around Toys R Us and not buying anything in the end/me asking you should we get this should we get that and still not getting anything in the end -.-), thank you for being greedy like me and nomxzing with me (it makes eating much more fun!), thank you for helping me when I need your help, thank you for cooking  me breakfast though i need to constantly nag and hint, but hey! at least it works!) Thank you for eating the food I cook and giving me suggestions on how to improve when I ask you. Thank you for being honest to me when I ask you about what you think about stuff and all. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for being the MAN OF THE HOUSE! Thank you for being my favourite "go-to" person when I feel down and sad, when I feel happy, when I feel irritated and just want to complain and bitch. Thank you for being my favourite "go-to" person when I don't know how to do something or if something spoils or to set-up something! (Engineer ftw!) Thank you for being a good ball of fun and playing with me and joking around with me and wrestling with me in bed! (I STILL DON'T LIKE TICKLES! RAWRRR) Thank you for being you, and thank you for trying to change when I tell you what's not nice or what I don't like. *sprinkles encouragement pixie dust*

Okay, so that was quite alot of "thank you's" but my point is that..YOU ARE AWESOMEEE and I LOVE YOU! <3

Happy One Year Anniversary! Here's to many more years of marriage! Hopefully, one day we would still be celebrating our 50th anniversary (HOW AWESOME?!) Yay, okay. Love you deepxz deepxz forever and ever ^_^v

Here's our wedding video (uploaded via our wedding photographer's Youtube page) :)

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