Monday 14 May 2012

Kaitlin and her MagMag!

Another rather overdued post!

We introduced the sippy cup to Kaitlin when she turned 6 months..It also comes with a separate straw attachement which we started her on a few weeks back.

She still doesn't really know how to drink on her own from the sippy cup, so I decided to attach the straw part for her and I must say, this girl is pretty smart! I guess it was a natural reflex for her to bite the straw (I  don't think bite is the proper word to use since her teeth have not fully come out..I guess "gum" would be a better word). The water went up! Then she tried again..and I guess she realised what she could do! I don't think she has learnt to "suck", but I guess it won't be long before she does! So brilliant!

Anyway, there are 2 versions of the Pigeon MagMag cup. One's the Jap version and the other, the local version. I don't know if local version means it is made in SG or what, but the sales people call it the local version -.- The one Kaitlin is using is the Jap version! I think it's quite hard to find it in SG already cos like they've stopped producing it but there are other kinds of MagMag. I honestly don't know why there are so many versions of the MagMag cup. Makes it so damn confusing for parents..I think it is a scheme to make parents buy every type available in the market! No la, just kidding..but it really is quite confusing to guess which is the best one!

Update!: Kaitlin can now drink water using the straw attachment! Shall try her back on the sippy cup without the straw attachment soon, and if that does not work, I might consider getting the oxo sippy cup. Very chio looking!:)

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