Friday, 18 May 2012

Kaitlin is 8 Months Old!

Another month has passed and Kaitlin is now 8 months old! She turned 8 months old yesterday!THAT WAS REALLY FAST!:) I was still thinking it was next my mind was still stuck on like last week..okay nevermind, I'm not making much sense. POINT BEING. TIME FLIES. My tiny ball of love is now growing up to be almost a toddler. GAHH. She WILL ALWAYS BE A BABY IN MY HEART <3

Decided to start on this thing where I would take pictures of Kaitlin sitting on the same chair every month to see how big/fast she grows! I is a little late and I should have started earlier, but I kinda got the idea recently I guess it is never too late right?

Babygirl can now sit up on her own (she could do this from about a month plus ago)
She knows how to stand up
She loves to cling on to things/objects/ME to balance her weight whilst standing up (I like to believe the her pillar of strength just to make myself feel less "used")
She holds on to the bars on her cot and sometimes lets go then falls on her butt
Sometimes when she falls on her butt, she laughs, and sometimes..she cries
She loves for us to put her on our shoulders and will grab tight onto our hair (imagine the pain), but we do it just cos she likes it, and it makes her happy
She isn't really a laugher. She laughs, but she gives more of those cheeky smiles where her nose cringes and her mouth opens
Speaking of open mouths. HER FIRST TOOTH (lower) HAS MADE IT'S APPEARANCE. Soon, before I know it, there will be tales of the tooth fairy!
She has bit me more than once. 
She likes to crawl onto me, and over me in the middle of the night. 
She TAKES UP HALF THE BED when she turns and flips. Sometimes, her foot ends up in my face. I am not exaggerating. Ask Lihai! He has seen it happen!
She wakes up sometime between 4-6am and will fuss
She still wakes up about every 2hours (on good nights) to be soothed back to sleep. I don't believe it is cos she is hungry cos in the day, she can go without milk for up to 4hours. Nevertheless, I still latch her on.
Yes, which brings me to the point that I am still breastfeeding. *Throws confetti* Here's a big fat middle finger to all the naysayers about "having not enough milk" and that the "baby is not feeding well". I even feel like continuing to breastfeed her till she is a toddler, but Lihai thinks it isn't a good idea cos I can't do what I want etc and it would be tough cos I would have to be with her..we'll see I guess! 
Kaitlin has had her fair share of being ill, but this past month she has been HEALTHY!
She went to her first indoor playground (Go Go Bambini) earlier in May.

She can say "Ma-ma", "Meh-meh", "Ahhhh-maaaa....."
She likes to do the "bbbllrrrrr" thing with her lips and it results in sprays of saliva all over
She nows has 2 solids a day (breakfast & lunch) Doesn't seem allergic to what I've fed her so far. 
She has eaten: white rice cereal, brown rice cereal, avocado, apples, broccoli (thankfully she is okay about!), green zucchini, yellow squash, potato (she doesn't seem to like), bananas (she likes!), green peas
Kaitlin has not had any jarred foods. I homemade all her food, and get her organic produce sometimes. 
She can eat teething biscuits and I think rather enjoys them.
She no longer showers in her bathtub
Her hair has grown longer, but not thicker. WHY? I really don't know.
She has grown to be intelligent and found ways to prevent us from buckling her on her pram like arching backwards when we sit her down, and recently, learnt to "kiap" her legs together so we can't buckle.
She has learn't how to wave "bye-bye" but this week she seems to have forgotten how to.
A few days ago, she first clapped her hands together. 
She likes to climb
She does a half-crawl. On her knees, sits up, throws her body forward, then back on her knees. Maybe she is lazy. Or perhaps, still learning to crawl. Lihai thinks she is lazy.
Kaitlin is still a SUPER LOUD CRYER. 
She has this phase where she likes to throw things/toys on the floor, but too bad! We read about this phase and don't pick up the toys all the time so she doesn't make it into a game. She still "tests" us.
She still likes to put everything she holds into her mouth. 

She poops about 0-2 times a day. Not sure if this is fine, but we go by the fact that she is still happy and doesn't fuss more than usual.
A few days ago, I saw her face turn red while we were feeding her. She pooped, but no, it wasn't constipation. Haha. So cute like a tomato though.
We've been bringing Kaitlin for weekly swims.
I've started reading to her and we've been buying books for her. I KNOW RIGHT. How ironic. 
The CIO method has been working relatively well..of course, doesn't work everyday.
She clings onto me quite a fair bit and has some separation anxiety. Depends on how you look it, it is a good and bad thing. 
She can use her straw sippy cup. 
She takes 2 naps in the day. 
She had this phase when she liked it when Lihai played aeroplane with her. 
So far, she has gone for one trial class - Our Music School. Will be bringing her Gymnademics this Saturday and then to Julia Gabriel next week.  In June, there's GUG!

All I can say is, cherish every moment you have with your child whether now or in future, whether they are 8 months old, 8 years old or 18. They really do grow up so fast, and some moments will never happen again. I am really thankful to be able to look after Kaitlin everyday. Sure, on certain days I just feel like pulling my hair out cos she is being a tough cookie, some days I wish I could do what I want like go cut my hair, do a manicure, catch a movie etc without having to think twice (just so you know, I haven't been able to do those things yet cos I can never bear to leave her in case she starts crying and screaming for me). The only time I've left her for awhile is for revisions before my driving test. Yes, I couldn't even bear to leave her for more than that. I even made planned the timing of what time she woke up in the morning, what time she did this and that so that I made sure she fell asleep before I left. I also made sure Lihai was and had to be with her! Yet, I am really happy to sharing her first growing year with her. To be able to witness her experiencing all her "first's". Heck, it even makes me feel like being a childcare teacher! I really wouldn't exchange this great experience with anything else. I'm definitely gonna treasure the time I have with here now, where I can smother her with hugs and kisses, before she gives me "I need my space" attitude. When that day comes, I guess I will just console myself with the fact that I've gained back my freedom. Perhaps, that day might not ever come..I hope!:)


  1. Your kid is daaamn cute, babe. :)

  2. Kaitlin looks beautiful. Great job on being a mother :)