Thursday 31 May 2012

Mid-Week Musings

Video-ed earlier this week!

Babygirl has been babbling "Mama-mama", and I decided to film it down. These moments, sometimes they don't really last, so better to film them down so I've got something to look back on, and of course, so Kaitlin can see videos of herself next time! Still remember how she used to sorta say "I wuv you" when she was a few months old! Too bad I don't have in down on video:( Oh well, tomorrow's Friday and then the weekends! Also, it's the last day of May! Time really flies! Hope your week's been going good!


  1. awwww so sweet! and her ribbon thingamoo is damn cute pls!

  2. Hehe *LIKE* your comment :D haha the ribbon came with like a romper that my ex-neighbour gifted! anywayy miss you many xx!