Wednesday 16 May 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My first Mother's Day has come and gone, but there are many more to come so I'm just absolutely looking forward to that!:D

Started the day off waking up to Lihai and the babygirl in bed. Lihai and I nuah-ed in bed and spent the time looking at Kaitlin wake up from her sleep and being all blur and exploring her surroundings. She is just so UTTERLY CUTE when she just wakes up and doesn't cry, but is all blur and just wonders..Love mornings like this, when we get to spend quality bonding time with Kaitlin. Sometimes, I do that too on weekdays with Kaitlin (when she doesn't wake up cranky!). Lihai offered to shower the baby, but I told him it's fine cos I didn't want her to end up crying. Kaitlin has been having a habit of crying during her morning showers. Like she just wants to be carried and have her shower but that's impossible..

Anyway, the husband cooked me breakfast! His first attempt at sunny side up eggs! Though they weren't perfect cos the egg yolk broke, I thought it was absolutely delicious. I mean, how wrong can a fried egg go? Plus, it was cooked with love! :D So it was eggs + ham + cheese + toast with honey! He even helped me make milo <3 Too sweet! Especially coming from a guy who doesn't really cook, nor is cooking one of his hobbies or interest, this was really nice of him!

Before we headed out, I decided to have the cake Lihai bought for me on Saturday! He was gonna order an Awfully Chocolate cake, but I told him their dark chocolate truffles (TO DIE FOR!) would do and later on that day, I saw a cake I liked at Flor Patisserie (they recently opened an outlet at Taka!) and he bought it for me as part of my Mother's Day present as well :) Yes, it is not a whole cake, but seriously I would have died from cake overdose if it was and I am very thankful for all his tiny sweet gestures <3 Plus, with their new outlet at Taka, I can totally go there everyday for fresh cakes! What's more, they recommend you to consume their cakes on the day itself. After having the cakes Karyan bought for us on her birthday to try, I really couldn't wait to try the cake Lihai bought, and it totally didn't disappoint! 

Early Grey Chocolat

I loved how the chocolate and cream did not overwhelm the tea taste. Super nice! 

We headed out for lunch and ended up at Skinny Pizza. I was being really fickle minded but Lihai said it's okay cos it's Mother's Day #reasonswhyIlovemothersday so YAYY! Finally got to have my sweet potato nibblets again! Skipped the truffle fries cos that would have been too much.

It was actually rather annoying cos Kaitlin fell asleep on our walk out from home to town, so she was still sleeping when we arrived at Skinny Pizza but she woke up soon after cos it was too noisy. Seriously, the place was worse than a coffee shop. The noise level kinda annoyed me tbh, but I guess it is the place to go if you have kids cos you don't have to be afraid if your kid makes noise cos the noise would be drowned out. 

While waiting for our food...of course, it's camwhore time!

Kaitlin was quite a good girl during lunch *pats shoulder* and the food was good! Gotta try the squid ink pizza! After lunch, we spent the rest of our day doing things on my Mother's Day list. Basically, it was things I wanted to do/get like buying Koi, and getting Kaitlin her sunblock lotion and teething gel. Lihai was like "Why are you buying Kaitlin's things on Mother's Day?" then I was like..."just cos"..haha! We failed to take a neoprint together with Kaitlin cos she fell asleep so we ended up wandering Orchard Road like we used to. In my opinion, it was still a day well spent! Gotta love the husband and the babygirl <3 Mother's Day wouldn't have been perfect/complete without them. Like I told Lihai, this was the first Mother's Day where I don't feel sad, and feel truly happy (I told him that when we were heading out from home! So you could imagine how happy I was already!) Though, midway through, we encountered an unsightly creature, which kinda spoilt my mood a little, but still..AWESOME!:)

Thank you Lihai for being an awesome husband and father and Kaitlin for being such a wonderful daughter! She left me with a present that night..she bit me on the shoulder with her first tooth! -.- Still love her all the same! <3 Like I told her in the morning, and I will continue to tell her that every other Mother's Day, "with no you, there's no me!" Really! Without babygirl, I wouldn't be a mother at the age of 20, learning and experiencing the highs and lows of motherhood and having such a great family.  <3 I hope this makes all you women want to have babies!

Shall blog about our first year anniversary soon!:)

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