Monday 28 May 2012

One Year Anniversary - Part 3

Last part about our anniversary!

On the actual day of our anniversary (happened to be a weekday!), Lihai came back with flowers!:D Yayy! It really has been a long time since he gave me a bouquet of flowers! So I was really happy about that:D:D Still pretend that I never see when he purposely placed it so I would have to walk by it, but I acted busy so he would pass them to me himself. Haha!

We had a simple dinner at home, and then...I passed him the present I had been working on for the past one and a half weeks! Took so long cos I had to look after the babygirl as well. It has been a really long time since I last made him something..and I really miss making him yeah, the process was fun but tough!

It was basically like a notice board thing with pictures and polaroids of us, notes, a to-do list for us, post-it notes for us to make an effort to write short sweet stuff to each other, some tiny online treasure hunt instructions which led him via QR code to my blog and a .gif I made. I also made him do a mini treasure hunt to find a HAPPY BAG which basically contains everything he likes/uses/wants: food items like chocolates, seaweed and facial products like masks etc. 

I was really happy that he was surprised and liked it cos usually when I try to do stuff for him, he usually knows I'm up to something, but this time he didn't! So yayy!:D I left no clues behind! Basically it was like taking out my unfinished project from the closet + numerous bags containing my scrap materials and then putting them back everyday before he reaches home. I don't really like keeping stuff and taking them out and then pausing for a moment to think where I left off, but no choice and well, it all paid off!

Lihai was gonna cook me steak that night, but it was pretty late already, so we decided to postpone it to the weekends!

The weekends came and...

Yes! That's Chef Li cooking steak for me! Nomxznomxz!:D Best steak everrrrr! It really was yummy okay! Plus, Lihai cooked it! All his love and effort in there <3 Heartxz heartxz!

So, that's how we spent our first year together as husband and wife!:) Hopefully, next year, we get couple time! If not, it really doesn't matter cos I spending the time with the people I love the most! Already looking forward to next year! 

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