Friday 11 May 2012

Sukiyaki at home!

A few weeks back I was craving shabu shabu and sukiyaki and just so happened Isetan was having some promos at their supermarket #auntiemoment so....Sukiyaki was on the dinner menu! Just so you know, even when Isetan has promos their stuff at the supermarket can still be quite pricey okay..(trying to defend my #auntiemoment self)

Well, I googled and found a few recipes but of course I was lacking some ingredients here and there from each different recipe so I just decided to concoct my own and it turned out YUMMY! Plus, I finally found out the difference between shabu shabu and sukiyaki but, I can't really remember all the differences but yes, I learnt something new.

So this was from the first time we tried it out at home:

And just last Sunday we had it again, but with much lesser ingredients cos Lihai and I were still full from the anniversary dim sum brunch buffet I brought him to. But nevertheless, still nomxz and much cheaper than eating outside. Plus, you don't have to squeeze or queue up to wait for your turn or have your hair smelling of food cos its just one pot of food cooking compared to like many other pots of other people's food cooking = more food smell in your hair. 

Sukiyaki Sauce Recipe:
100ml Sake
50ml Mirin
50ml Light Soya Sauce
2 tbsp Sugar

You can basically put any usual steamboat ingredients you want like fishcake, beef slices, pork slices, mushrooms, tofu etc. But don't forget the egg for dipping!

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