Thursday 3 May 2012

Trying to be a Domestic Goddess

Ever since I moved back I've been trying to cook food I've been craving and TRYING to be a domestic goddess.. trying to make myself more useful and capable of something other than looking after Kaitlin..I need a new challenge in life..though motherhood is still a huge challenge to me, and every night I go to bed with a thousand How am I suppose to..'s & What if..'s etc.. about how to deal with an infant. Well, cooking isn't really considered a challenge I guess, but what the heck, it is something I enjoy doing..and I always watch Junior MasterChef and go green with envy as to how talented those young kids are...Plus, I must be able to cook to qualify being an awesome housewife and mother right! Would not want Kaitlin to complain in future that my cooking sucks or that she would rather have Macs!

Back to the point! The first thing I tried to make was Ngoh Hiang:

All the ingredients mixed together

Rolling it in beancurd skin

All rolled up!

Quite a few steps are actually involved in making ngoh hiang, like for example, you gotta cut all the ingredients into small pieces, steam the yam first, then mix the stuff, roll it in the beancurd skin..steam it and then fry it! 

Sadly, I don't have a picture of the fried ngoh hiang cos I got too excited and just started digging in but according to Lihai it was yummyy so yeah, definitely gonna make it again when I can be bothered to chop everything into tiny pieces..and actually have the time and patience to do it. 

Another thing I tried to do was soy beancurd pudding/"Lao Ban" tau huey. It turned out quite nice but of course did not taste the same as the awesome Lao Ban tau huey

I think the trick I learnt while making it was to use a sieve so that there won't be bubbles forming on the surface, and it would have a smooth consistency! Gonna try making it again and hopefully it will taste as awesome as Lao Ban's then I can have bowls of it at home..although I'm not that crazy over it already..but still..I won't say no to yummy food! #greedy

Tried out quite a few other recipes, but I didn't take photos and I'm quite lazy to blog about the rest. I guess maybe I will post pictures of the dishes next time :D

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