Thursday 28 June 2012

Bistro Du Vin

Val's back from Australia and Kaitlin and I finally got to catch up with her, Karyan and Ronald! The original plan was to go Peperoni's at Zion but they were closed cos of some company event or something like we went over to Bistro Du Vin which was just next door!

Overall, the food was yumxz! We ordered truffle fries, slow cooked lamb shank, beef cheek braised in red wine and pan-roasted Berkshire pork chop. Loved the mash potatoes and truffle fries! The service was also good, so that made the overall experience a pleasant one! Plus, with great company, there really is nothing much to complain about! :)

Sadly, I had to leave earls, cos I had to put babygirl to bed..Was initially quite nervous to bring her out for dinxz cos the only other time we did that was on our anniversary, and it wasn't a very good experience! Considering the fact that Kaitlin was pretty okay, and didn't make much noise till it was almost her bedtime, I'm really happy with babygirl behaving herself! #happymommy

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