Friday 15 June 2012

Exploring Tiong Bahru (sort of!)

I really wished I brought my camera out so that I could take pictures of all the quaint places we went to/pass while exploring Tiong Bahru, but there was just too many things to carry. Actually, it was just Kaitlin, and her baby bag of stuff -.- Oh well, hopefully we could do it again sometime soon, and I will defo bring my camera out no matter what!

We went to The Orange Thimble first!

Notice how he has the same expression in every photo? Y SO WEIRD? But so cute! <3 No, we did not forget about Kaitlin!

She didn't wanna sit still and stuff, so it was quite hard to take peektures with her. I guess she wasn't in the mood for it! So Lihai and I decided to continue to camwhore on our own!

Finally, he gave some other expressions! -.- 

Portobello Sandwich

The Orange Thimble
Add: 56 Eng Hoon Street #01-68
Tel: 6223 8068
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun11am-9pm
Looks like a burger, but they called it a sandwich! Idk! Nothing fancy in my opinion but the portobello on it's own was nice! Really huge! Plus, I love mushrooms! How can you not?!

Anyway, love the atmosphere at The Orange Thimble! The artwork displayed there was really cute and preets too! I wanted to get some hand drawn owl artwork displayed there, but it was freaking $3k! I think it's a reasonable price to pay for artwork, but, not so good on my pockets, so nice for viewing only I guess. 

We strolled around and went to Books Actually and Strangelets. FYI, their next to each other. Open Door Policy was closed, and so was Tiong Bahru Bakery and Flea and Trees :( Forty Hands was crowded, despite it being a weekday afternoon so we didn't do much except walk around. Lesson learnt: DON'T GO TO TIONG BAHRU ON A TUESDAY! You would think that most places usually close on a Monday, but I guess, now the 'IN' thing is to close on a Tuesday so that when other shops are closed on a Monday, people would be able to visit your shop on a Monday -.- I think what I typed was very confusing, but well, I'm sure you get what I mean!

Before we left, we got Hainanese curry rice takeaways! There was a long queue earlier on, so we didn't bother and decided to just wait after the office crowd was gone. Even then, there was still a tiny queue and YES! the curry rice was that good! :D 

Later that afternoon, we brought Kaitlin down to the pool. Yes, I know..again! The weather was nice so we decided why not! Plus, we didn't know what else to do to entertain Kaitlin, so to the pool we went!


I spotted dragonflies mating on our water gun/pump thing! Was so intrigued I took like at least 10 photos, but of course, I shall not bore you with my weirdness here, so there are only 2 pictures! Nature really can be quite beautiful and interesting I guess. Hurhur. If Lihai is reading this, HI. I know you are thinking "OMG, geog geek" or something along those lines -.- This is not geography and this is really quite interesting what! To all others, I can feel you guys judging already! :(

Okay, enough about dragonflies, and judging and are some peektures of the awesome people in my life:

After playing at the pool and showering and all, we made panna cotta and for the first time I used a vanilla bean! Hehe! Sorry, damn noob over here, always use vanilla essence -.- so using a vanilla bean this time, made me feel damn awesome! I didn't take any peektures though:( Our panna cotta turned out pretty good though we didn't whisk our mixture and merely stirred it only, but taste wise, it wasn't too bad okay! Shall try again next time!

Looking forward to the weekends! Perhaps, we'll be baking again!:)

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