Thursday 21 June 2012


Since Kaitlin has been playing with the same few toys we have at home everyday, I thought it would be a good idea to bring her somewhere else to play. What's more, now that she can crawl, she's been quite an adventurous baby crawling around the house, which has yet to be baby proof-ed! We made a trip down to Fidgets yesterday and I must say, though it was hard to find, it was quite a nice place! 

It did get quite chaotic when there were toddlers going over to the baby area. Even I felt intimidated! Imagine how Kaitlin felt! Lol. There were kids running around, throwing balls here and there. I kinda expected that to happen, following our past trip to Go Go Bambini, but still...I was very afraid for Kaitlin's safety. Definitely don't want giant toddler kids stomping or bullying my babygirl!

Look at how fast she has grown :') Can crawl and climb all..Mommy is super proud of you!

Driving around..#likeaboss

And of course, with so much activity going on...

Babygirl was definitely tired out! So precious <3 

Definitely think we will be going back to Fidgets soon! It's a nice place, except for the fact that Turf City is having some renovations going on there and it's location. It's quite hard for us to get there without a car cos then we would have to walk all the way in..but for some fun for Kaitlin, we shall!

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