Friday 1 June 2012

Goodbye May, Hello June!

It's June! Half a year has gone by! Can you believe it? Seriously! 

Here's stuff I was doing/up to in May but didn't have the time to blog about!

Lunch meet-up with Karyan and Ronald at ToTT!
        Cold Angel Hair Pasta with Garlic Prawn, Sundried Tomato & Caviar

Also ordered the Chempedak tempura and it was damn good! Their famous for their Durian one, but I'm not really into Durian! According to Karyan and Ronald, the Durian one is good as well! Food was pretty good! Good in the sense that after I left to go meet Lihai, I wanted to go back to ToTT for second helpings! Lovely afternoon with awesome friends + great food = BLISS

The very same day...when I met Lihai..I was hungry again -.- and also, cos I knew he had maggi mee at home, I wanted him to have a proper lunch so we went to sushi tei at HV. In the evening, he went over to Melben seafood at AMK to collect the crab beehoon. SO EFFING GOOD! Yes, he went all the way just to get that, cos we were super full from lunch at sushi tei. OMG. Just looking at that beehoon, makes me want to eat it again now! The beehoon is damn good, even without eating the crab meat. Quite lazy to peel and all, esp when I've got to keep an eye on Kaitlin, then need to wash hands halfway and stuff. 

One of our weekends! Before bringing Kaitlin for her trial at Gymnademics, we went over to the usual place we go for dim sum at Thomson! It's affordable and nice + has the rustic feel. Idk how to describe but it's nice eating there. Different from a restaurant and feels like authentic hurhur. Tried to get Kaitlin to nap while having dim sum and thankfully we managed to if not she would have been cranky at her trial. The place was so bloody far. Like super far from the main road. Lihai and I almost died walking in cos we couldn't find a bus or any taxi to get there. We googled map and found it was walkable and tried to walk there but omg nearly died. Thankfully we had salted caramel ice-cream:D:D Tried their earl grey ice-cream as well! Our ice-cream was like melting super fast under the hot sun, we kinda had ice-cream soup -.- 

After the trial, we went over to Forum, so I could show Lihai the bambinoLUK series which I thought was pretty good but so pricey! We didn't get it in the end, cos we are still considering. Basically cos Kaitlin won't sit still and listen so it's quite hard to teach her. She'll just end up taking the materials and put in her mouth or just not pay attention. Got back home and went swimming and then we baked! Baked apple cupcakes on Saturday and blueberry coconut cupcakes the next day! Both turned our pretty yummy!:)  

Kaitlin all dressed up to go to BIY. It's a baking shop along Newton road area. Went there to see what stuff they had there. Baked again on one of the weekdays! This time was chocolate chip cookies made from scratch! They turned out really huge!

Kaitlin at her trial class at Julia Gabriel! I think Kaitlin is still a little young compared to the other kids, so I think I will only send her a little later. Lesson wise, almost the same as the first music trial class she went to. They didn't have any arts & craft that day, but I heard that they do let them play with that sounds fun! I'm quite bias to sending her there cos I went to JG when I was young too and it's fun!

Pictures from when a squirrel came to visit us..AND STOLE OUR PLANTS AS FOOD! So cute right the squirrel! But who was a MENACING SQUIRREL! We've been seeing squirrels around, but this time it came really close by! It came to our balcony to steal our herb plant! WTF RIGHT! It still paused there while we looked at it then scurried up..and then look back at us to observe. But since the squirrel is so cute, I FORGAVE IT for stealing my plants hurhur. 

So May was quite fun, though there was a little bit of issues here and there with regards to unsightly creatures. Here's hoping June would be a fantabulous month, but honestly I really doubt so, could Lihai is gonna recourse soon :( *sobs* Hope June will be a great month for all! :D

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