Friday 8 June 2012

It's Friday!

Yayy it's Friday! Actually, to be honest, I'm not that excited about the coming weekend, just cos, after this weekend, Lihai will be going to a new camp and gahhh..just me and the baby. Don't know how to get through everyday without him. Sounds so clingy, but hey, that's why I married him right. Cos his the person that makes my day better, and helps me get through anything though. <3

Well I shall not wallow anymore, not like it's gonna change anything! 

Here's what we've been up to the past week:

Kaitlin had some mushrooms growing down there, so I brought her to the clinic! Okay, so it's not that bad, just a case of some fungal rash. Have been doing away with the diaper whenever we can so that there's more air circulation and whatnot so that she gets better faster. Of course, that has left us with quite a number of unwarned pees and cleaning up, but anything just so she will gets better! Though I must say, this girl has quite a big threshold of pain. *THUMBS UP* babygirl!

Been playing with Kaitlin on her new playmat and we all agree it's great! Kaitlin can now crawl, and fall down without us worrying!

Been bringing Kaitlin out in a baby carrier, but it's really rather painful to the shoulders! I much rather prefer carrying her normally. Guess it is a matter of getting used to it. Babygirl likes it when we run while she is in the baby carrier. Filmed it down for you guys to see!

Kaitlin tried Sweet Potato puree for the first time!
There was an Early Learning Centre sales, so the Auntie in me came out and yes, I bought quite a number of educational materials for Kaitlin. I steered away from the toys okay! I was rather pleased with my buys and showed them off to Lihai! Hurhur. There was 50% off everything okay! Plus, I managed to get flashcards at $2! On top of that, there was a 5% off! I truly sound like a cheapo auntie, but hey! When you can save, SAVE! Then use the savings to buy other awesome stuff right! Plus, I was not the only one who was being kiasu! There were so many mommies there too and expat moms too! I even got hit in the head by an expat mom cos she was taking some toy and she did not apologise! Thought that was pretty rude, but it's okay, I was happy with my buys so that kinds makes up for it!

Kaitlin lost her first story book! Gave Kaitlin her story book to entertain her while she was in her pram, cos she simply does not like the pram so it's kinda hard to stop her from crying. Well, of course the babygirl decided to throw her toy somewhere and when I discovered it, it was too late! She probably thinks it is fine to throw her toys on the floor cos we always pick it up for her, but this time we didn't notice it so there goes the book! I walked from Ion to Forum, back to Ion to try and search but I could not find it :( I even when to the numerous helpdesks at Ion to ask if they had found anything. Before I left Ion, I even went to fill up some form for lost and found objects. The guy initially gave me a lost child form to fill which I thought was pretty funny! I think I sound damn lame and ridiculous filling up some form cos she lost a story book! It's not that it was a story book or what, but more because it was HER FIRST STORY BOOK! I'm a very sentimental person okay! So I was pretty upset about it :(

Not forgetting, the Macs Hello Kitty craze going on! Yes, I've joined into that craze as well! The only Hello Kitty I'm missing out on is the Birdie one which well everyone else is trying to get desperately! People online are selling it for $50! Pfft! I would not pay $50 for a kitty cat toy! I can't believe people are so thick-skinned to sell it at such an exorbitant price, when you can just get at below $10! It's really quite disgusting to see how Singaporeans are so greedy! I mean I'm fine if you wanna sell it at like a profit, but like at a profit of 5 times the price is abit too much don't you think! Oh well, guess I will just have to settle for an incomplete collection then! 

Here's why I think Kaitlin has a thing for Hello Kitty as well (hee hee!):

She kept playing with them until I stopped her for fear of her ripping the plastic open! Hurray though cos Kaitlin seems to like Hello Kitty :D Now, it won't be like me forcing Hello Kitty clothes and toys and other objects to her, but more like Kaitlin liking Hello Kitty and me just giving her what she wants so she will be happy! :D Also, I think Kaitlin likes the colour, Purple! It's not the first time she's chosen the purple option when given two similar objects.

Looking forward to the husband's return and it's the weekends! :) TGIF guys!

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