Monday 18 June 2012

Kaitlin is 9 months old!

Kaitlin has turned 9 months old!

Yes, the babygirl, officially grew another month older yesterday, which also happened to be Father's Day!

Look how fast she has grown! She almost looks like a toddler already! She is growing up wayyyy too fast! 

In fact, it was quite hard for me to snap peektures of her sitting down cos she would keep wanting to move around the chair like this:

Before I know it, she is gonna turn the BIG ONE! :') 

In the past month...
Kaitlin has learnt to crawl
Kaitlin can also cruise
She now has 3 solids a day
In the past month, she has tried beetroot, spinach, oatmeal porridge, organic whole milk yoghurt, jap sweet potatoes and apricots! 
She has learnt to screech once again D:
She seemed to be doing good and eating her meals, but the past week, it's been quite difficult feeding her her meals. I guess it's a phase!
She still doesn't like it when we try to wipe her face/mouth clean after a meal 
She's been taking really short naps
She still wakes up quite a number of times at night 
Kaitlin can now chew
She now has two pearlie whites!
She likes to do the pig nose thing..where she scrunches her face and nose! You can see it happening in most photos
She seems to have grown taller as well and she has definitely GAINED WEIGHT!

Soon, she is gonna be walking all over the house and then it's really gonna get physical! I can imagine how she won't keep still and all!

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