Tuesday 5 June 2012

weekend updates

We spent the bulk of our Saturday at the Motherhood exhibition at Expo. This time round, we bought quite a bit of stuff. No, it was not impulsive buys. In fact, they were things we had been putting off for quite awhile, which well, every baby needs in my opinion. 

We finally got Kaitlin her playmat! Yes. We have been contemplating about this purchase cos it's really expensive. We bought those ABC foam alphabets to lay on the floor hoping it would be like those Parklon playmats, but no, it really doesn't work that way. Those ABC foam alphabets are really more for toddlers. Just so happened, they launched a new product which has no cartoon characters or whatsoever on it, but is thicker than the normal playmats, so we got that instead! Thanks to the smart husband who weighed the pros & cons, and finally helped us make a decision!:D 

We almost couldn't get back home cos the mat was really long and could not fit into the cab's boot, and SMRT doesn't allow you to bring huge objects into their trains. Thankfully with some pushing we managed to force the mat into the boot! :D

Spent the rest of Saturday at home cos we were simply too tired from the fair!

Sunday was spent having brunch at Food For Thought at SBG.
 Cuban Ham and Pulled Pork Burger

      Pomme Noisettes + Garlic Mushrooms + Chunky Sausage

 Crispy Fish Cutlet

I much rather preferred my first experience at their other outlet. This time round, it was super packed, and so warm inside! Food was okay..not as nice as last time, but I guess it's cos they were really packed and rushing and stuff.

After brunch, we went to town for awhile. Had to get my caffeine fix cos Kaitlin kept me up all night. She dozed off on the pram while we were in town so I wanted to head home to sneak in a nap but the poor girl refused to lie backwards -.- not too sure why but we decided to just carry her, cos it seemed really uncomfortable though she didn't seem to mind it. She ended up waking up when Lihai carried her -.- so I didn't really get to nap in the end and with all the caffeine in my system I just couldn't fall asleep, so I practically just nuah-ed in bed. Kaitlin fell asleep and I got bored of nuah-ing and decided to make CHURROS!

So glad I got my ass off the bed cos the churros were delish and super easy to make!:D 

Churros were done and Kaitlin woke up, so it was swimming time!:)

Using the float that Karyan bought for her! So adorbxz! Got hello kitty all :D

Love weekends with the husband and babygirl <3 Less than 10 days left before Lihai has to recourse :'( then it's just me and the babygirl again! Kaitlin has been having quite bad separation anxiety lately, and we think she's learnt to force herself to vomit so that we would pick her up from her cot at night when we let her CIO. Sigh. Hope that it's just a phase! Speaking of which, when we brought her to the pool, the neighbour's kid was fussing, and Kaitlin was observing and now she has started her high pitch screeches again!    >.<  Really hoping this phase ends fast!

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