Tuesday 24 July 2012

Harry Potter x Andy Warhol

A few weeks back Lihai and I finally got around to visiting the Harry Potter and Andy Warhol exhibitions at the ArtScience Museum. We brought the babygirl along with us as well, so I guess that could count as Kaitlin's first time visiting a museum!

That's us being retarded and Kaitlin napping in her pram while we engage in nonsense. Love fun times like this when Lihai joins in and does retarded things with me <3 #reasonswhyIlovelihai

We filled our tumtums first. Had lunch at TCC and just so happened, they were having a one-for-one promotion - wallet friendly I say! While waiting for the staff to attend to us and waiting for our food..

Kaitlin was a ball of energy! Jumping here and there on the couch and pouncing everywhere. A few things I gotta comment about our experience at TCC that day..there was only two serving staff!!! It took forever for them to realise we were waiting for them to show us a table and I had to take the menu myself. Also had to remind them to get me the baby chair cos one of them forgot to bring it over. No big issue there. Just they were seriously understaff-ed -.- 

Good thing I like about TCC is that it is rather kid-friendly. Okay, I'm just basically referring to their baby chair! Look at this:

So kawaii! Clean somemore! I guess it's cos not alot of patrons at the MBS outlet have babies cos the other outlet I went to near Shaw House was rather used already..But still! Their hight chair has like padded cushioning and cartoon characters. Normal places have like boring plastic IKEA ones or like wooden ones. Nothing against IKEA luh, but you would expect baby/kid/family friendly and orientated dining places to have cute high chairs, and you would not expect TCC to be such a place, but surprise surprise! OKAY. I don't know why I'm singing their praises cos of a high chair! Back to the meal! Okay, this is quite wtf, but I can't remember what we ordered, but it was yummy! Portion a little small for us though!

After lunch, we headed off to the Harry Potter exhibition. SO EGGCITEDXZ!!!


We could not really take peektures beyond this point -.- the exhibition didn't take us more than an hour to complete. It was a nice experience, but not one that I would rave about. We didn't really take our time to read everything and look at everything in close detail cos babygirl was being restless..we didn't get any souvenirs either! I know...WTH, was gonna get the chocolate frog and jellybeans but didn't in the end. I personally didn't find the exhibition to be that interesting, neither did it leave me with much afterthoughts..usually when I go to exhibitions, I would think about things or wonder how things work or whatever..all I felt when I left was that the costumes and props were really well designed and alot of thought and detail was put into it.

Next up was the Andy Warhol exhibition!!! Lihai wasn't interested in this, neither does he know who is Andy Warhol but he tagged along! #myhusbandawesomelikethat

Me, being retarded. Yes, I can be retarded cos I'm still 20! Hurhur :D

Those peektures were from the showcase that was on the same level as the Harry Potter exhibition. The actual exhibition was on level 3 if I recall correctly. I didn't take peektures there cos Kaitlin was being super restless and cranky by then cos she wanted to nap, and then nap she did, but even then, I didn't get the chance to take peektures :( I actually much preferred the Andy Warhol exhibition. How can someone be so talented?? Makes me feel so inferior. Can go crawl under a rock and hide there foreverrrr.

I really can't wait to bring Kaitlin to more exhibitions and museums. I'm looking forward to all the  funny and yet intellectual questions she could possibly ask me and of course all the interesting and random comments she could make. I can imagine her even pointing out things we adults might not even notice. I'm definitely looking forward to sharing the thrill and joy of being able to get an insight to Kaitlin's thoughts! Can't wait to know what's she thinking, how she is perceiving things, what makes her mind tick, what intrigues and fascinates her. And from there, to know and find out what she is interested in, and where her talent lies. Seriously can't wait for that time to come, but it's fine, that day will come. For now, I will enjoy what's left of her "baby-ness"!

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