Sunday 1 July 2012


It's July!

I don't really know what to feel about this particular month. Just the thought of it makes me upset. It just reminds me of a difficult period I had to go through just a year ago..hate the month. Can't think of anything good about it. Simply hoping that this year round, nothing shitty is gonna happen..and if anything shitty does happen..I guess all I can do is suck it up, and get on with life.

In any case..came across this. It would be really neat if I could see this someday! A PINK RIVER. Looks like strawberry milk!

Random peektures..from..I can't remember when..I think probably 2 weeks back on a normal afternoon home with the babygirl <3 Found them on my photobooth:

Too lazy to resize the photos and I look damn cui -.- and I think it's quite ironic how I'm a happy camper while babygirl is stoning. Guess she was admiring herself or something lol! Oh's Monday tmr! Hope the upcoming week will be a good one xx

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