Tuesday 17 July 2012

Kaitlin is 10 months old!

Would you believe it? Babygirl is 10 months old!!! Double digit yo. Looked through photos and videos of Kaitlin from the time when she was born all up till now and got all emotional :') She really is growing up too fast. I say this every month but it really is the case!

Enough sappy talk..Now on to Kaitlin's milestones!

In the past month..

Kaitlin has been able to cruise successfully all around the house!
She has been climbing up the stairs at home
She likes to bend her knees while standing up..maybe she is exercising!
She's been babbling..as if in a conversation with us
She has been playing peek-a-boo with us. Yes. Instead of us hiding and appearing, she does it! She would hold on to a stationery object and peek her head out sideways. It's super adorbxz!
She has tried butternut squash, cherries, spelt pasta, carrots, asparagus, french beans, threadfin fish
Kaitlin is addicted to her puffs! 
Speaking of which, she not only knows how to pick them up, but she knows how to feed herself!!! Lihai taught her on Sunday and she's been feeding herself puffs like crazy
She can drink from her new no straw sippy cup! I searched for the cup high and low after reading reviews and comparing sippy cups and finally found it...But the handle broke a few days later -.- 
She sometimes takes 1/2 hour naps..and at times it stretches to 2 hours.
She has mastered clapping! Whenever there's a song playing or we are singing, she would clap her hands! I secretly think she is musically inclined! Also, when we say "clap your hands!"or she sees us clapping, she would join in as well.

Kaitlin can say "baba"!
She has an extremely strong grip and loves to pull my hair!
She likes to bang her toys together and take objects out of containers
Plastic water bottles with water seem to entertain her
She has been very adventurous, climbing to the edge of beds and wanting to go onto the floor, climbing down stairs, going to small corners and then getting scared!
We have experienced some of Kaitlin's "bites"
Kaitlin knows how to crawl to me and feed herself from her "milk source"
When she gets super excited she will start kicking her legs around
She has been bouncing and pouncing on us alot
Kaitlin loves to crawl towards my back and stand up, using me as support to hide behind

Two months till she turns the big ONE! Having mixed feelings about that! I look forward to her growth and learning new things, but yet I want to enjoy more time with her as a baby! Also, I secretly fear the mess and possible accidents that might happen. I sure hope she doesn't turn out to be a demanding and difficult toddler!  Definitely gonna treasure the last two months of her infanthood (is there such a word?!) <3


To my sweetest Kaitlin, 

Today you turn 10 months old. You have been out of my tummy and been filling our lives with your smiles and cries for almost the same amount of time as you have been in my tummy - 39 weeks!

Though you mostly won't remember much of your childhood, I hope you will always be happy and more importantly, that you will be a healthy, strong girl!

You are growing faster than I expected and mommy can't keep up. You have added so much happiness  and magical moments to my life in the past year. You are so special to my heart, and you will forever and always be my babygirl..even when you are 15 and rebellious, 20 with a boyfriend whom you probably will love more than mommy, 25 when you get married, 30 when you have your own kids, 60 when you have your own grandchildren and this will go on forever my dear girl. 

You mean so much to mommy, and I love you so so much Kaitlin Anne!  

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