Tuesday 31 July 2012

Konfidence Baby Warma Wetsuit

That's Kaitlin wearing her Konfidence Baby Warma Wetsuit!

Funny story...when Lihai put it on her for babygirl, I was like "Eh, she grew bigger again now it looks so tight on her and the collar area is nearing her chin..." Turns out...he put it on the wrong way!!! I guess that's guys for you.

Got the warma wetsuit for babygirl so that it will keep her warm in and out of the water. Super afraid she'll catch a cold and then be sick for a week plus and all after. It's always really difficult to look after her when she's ill, so I would really much rather avoid the heartache and fatigue that would come as much as possible. Love that the wetsuit also provides 100% UV protection! By the way, she is not even wearing anything below the wetsuit other than swimming diapers. It's quite pricey, but I think a great investment!

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