Wednesday 11 July 2012

The Little Gym

We brought Kaitlin for her trial class at The Little Gym at Forum on Saturday!

Lihai and I both think Kaitlin is pretty advanced for the class so we couldn't really do most of the activities since all she wanted to do was move around and explore. So...explore she did!

I thought Kaitlin was really brave when she fell and didn't cry! I guess she could be one of those adrenaline junkie type of people next time. Always explore and doesn't know how dangerous it is! These days she's been crawling to the edge of the bed and trying to climb down and all. Climbing the stairs at home..bouncing here and there, pouncing on my back..So many near heart attack moments. I secretly think she has been given sugar or something..cos she is just so active and NEVER TIRED. She can go without a nap for like 7-9 hours straight?!

Back to The Little Gym! Overall, I thought it was quite hard to keep up with the class since Kaitxz only wanted to move around, perhaps we should have brought her to a class where she could have joined older babies. There was some free time here and there when babies took turns to do the activities. Could be a good or bad thing. Good in that at least the babies have a good facility to play and explore, but bad in that I guess it could be quite a waste of time if all you are gonna do is sit around. Noticed that quite a few parents just sat down and cuddled with their baby and bonded with them. Maybe they too busy and can't bond with them on normal days -.-

Have yet to have a proper discussion with Lihai if we should sign Kaitlin up for The Little Gym, so we are still searching for more trial classes for babygirl..Let me know if you know or have heard of any good places :)

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