Wednesday 25 July 2012

of lavender cupcakes

After a long day out at the ArtScience Museum, Lihai and I got home and we baked lavender cupcakes!

First time that I've ever used Lavender in cooking/baking, and I was just super in love with EVERYTHING about it. 

It's colour, scent, everything! It's really such a beautiful flower to use in your cooking/baking! Love the aroma. It makes me feel calm and comfortable, makes me feel like my heart is home. Idk if i just made sense there..but I hope you get my point. 

Of course since it was my first time using lavender to bake cupcakes, the cupcakes weren't awesome like they can be sold kind, but they were nice enough as a homemade afternoon snack! I couldn't stop nomming them, had like 4 in a day! 

I just love how I can smell the lavender whenever I take a bite. The lavender taste was not very strong either. Perhaps I shall try again sometime soon, and perhaps perfect it :D 

I really enjoyed having it with a cup of earl grey tea. All that was needed to complete the whole experience, was some quiet 'me' time. That's quite impossible when there's an infant crawling in the house. That's fine with me..I just comfort myself that the quiet 'me' time will come..yes, comforting yourself, and living in denial is quite a big part of the motherhood journey..If you are already a mommy you're probably going "yeah, been there, done that. totally know what she means" and if you're on your way to becoming one..just prep yourself for it cos it's gonna be one heck of a rollercoaster journey!

I don't know how a post about cupcakes ended up in me talking about motherhood -.- Oh well, HAPPY THURSDAY GUYS! We're nearing the weekends!! (Y)

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