Friday 31 August 2012

August [ in pictures ]

So...I ended up not completing the August photo-a-day challenge D: #majorfail

I might consider doing the September one, and hopefully complete it! Anyway, instead of the usual Friday Five, I have decided to post my peektures!

All taken with Instagram (@beaverwoo)! I didn't compile all the photos I took with instagram,but most! 

August was a good month in general! Celebrated my birthday (shall get to blogging about that soon...have been procrastinating cos so many peektures!), babygirl turned 11 months old, we visited new food places (nomxz!), brought Kaitlin to playgrounds quite a few times..met up with friends..and the occasional baking! 

This year, during my burfs, I didn't really know what to wish for..I guess when that happens, it's safe to say that you are happy and contented with life, and I think I am :) Of course, who wouldn't want to wish to be a billionaire and all..but I don't really waste my wishes on those, cos like duh, the likelihood is close to impossible! 

It was also a month where Daddy Li and I got into some serious discussion about our future housing plans. We applied for BTO!! Sadly, we are no.970 out of 572 units -.- What are the odds that we would get to select a flat and it's a decent one?! Oh well, we shall just keep our fingers cross. We also got into a not-so-nice fight during the middle of August..what were you thinking?! Everything is fine and dandy and married couples with kid(s) don't fight? Not true....but I must say, ever since we got married there was a significant decline in the amount of fights/quarrels we had *clap hands* *pat each other's back* :D <3

We also got around to having Kaitlin's photoshoot last weekend and had a mini family shoot in between :) Will defo post peektures when I get them!

2012 is coming to an end faster than you and I know it, and soon it will be 2013! I don't really like 2013..there doesn't seem to be alot of long weekends #justsaying Also, it has been raining so much, the laundry is not drying!! Please stop raining :( I don't like wet clothes and I want to go out without the pitter patter. It also makes me worry about us falling ill, which is never a good thing. Rain rain go awayyy! 

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