Sunday 19 August 2012

Kaitlin is 11 months old!

HOLY COW. Less than one more month till the big ONE!!!

I seriously cannot believe it. The past (almost one) year watching babygirl has really gone by in a flash!

It's really amazing seeing how she has grown from a teeny small infant to an almost-toddler now! Some of her milestones in the past month:

- Kaitlin has been squealing with laughter. She would let of a high-pitch laughter that kind of sounds like screeching, different form her usual laughter.

- She can now say "Pa-pa" and"Da-da"! Needles to say, the husband is very happy, and I of course, am feeling a little :(
- She has been going "Niah niah niah" or "Neh neh neh" as well. We are trying to figure out what that means though "neh neh neh" doesn't seem to mean food or milk so..we are thinking maybe she is trying to say "no".
- She has recently been babbling beyond one-syllable words.
- Kaitlin knows how to shake her head to the word "No". Although we feel she thinks it is a game and well..doesn't know that it means something negative. Trying to teach her that now though.
- She knows how to wave "Hello" & "Goodbye". She also likes to wave to cars!
- Kaitlin simply cannot keep still!

- Kaitlin knows how to climb down the stairs now
- She has successfully explored the house from our living room to the kitchen, what I mean is that well..she would crawl from the living room which is her usual play area, past the dining room and into the kitchen. I think that's quite a big area for a quite proud of her!
- Kaitlin has been a rather good girl when it comes to eating, but she has recently began teething, so it has been a little harder to feed her.
- Yes! Teething again! Her two top teeth should be coming out in no time!
- She knows how to put her hand forward when we are trying to wash them.
- Kaitlin loves playing around our room and it takes like foreverrrrr to put her to sleep!
- She is always climbing off our bed to go play. Yes!! She knows how to get off the bed without falling down!
- New foods she has tried: organic tomatoes, juice-flavoured yoghurt, strawberries, organic purple spinach, corn, organic multi-grain cereal and organic rice cakes
- She can point now
- She can slide herself across the room
- Kaitlin can do the twinkle twinkle hand action when we sing twinkle little stars
- She is able to stand on her own without support. The longest recorded time thus far is slightly more than 10 seconds!

If you are wondering about her sleeping patterns..well, she still wakes up frequently at night resulting in panda mama over here. Planning to start training her again when she is no longer teething. I've been teaching her baby signing but so far nothing has come out of it yet, will update about the baby signing progress if there's any!

Meanwhile...we are starting the countdown to babygirl turning THE BIG ONE! :D


  1. Can't wait for big ONE too! I didn't see her so happy on her 11th month day. :(

    1. Hahah I took those peektures after we got home lol! Don't be saddd, you shall get to see her soon :)

  2. the next time i see her, i shant leave until she WAVES GOODBYE :"DDDD

    1. Haha can can no problem! Can't wait to meet you and Val soon!

  3. Replies
    1. Hahaha I haven't started planning her party yet! D:

  4. Kaitlin is really really adorable! :) and don't be too sad about her saying papa first. It's been proven - it's easier than mama :p

    1. Hi! Thank you!:)) Haha actually her first words were mama, but now that she has learnt to say papa and dada, she seldom says mama :( haha!