Monday 13 August 2012

mealtimes @ home

In case you were wondering how mealtimes are like at home for Kaitxz....

Yes! Babygirl can self-feed. However, I mostly  still spoon-feed her during mealtimes at home. 

Sometimes she can be really happy and excited, but that rarely lasts till the end. At times, it already starts off rocky! Of course, I don't have images of those moments cos well who in their right mind would take peektures when you are having a baby situation!

Well, her weaning to solids journey has been a tough one. Sometimes, she refuses to sit in her chair. To date, she has 4 high-chair toys to keep her entertained. At times, we have succumbed to giving her whatever we can find that's near us to entertain her with. It also involved us doing all sorts of things like jumping, singing and dancing to keep her happy and entertained! I even moved the high-chair to different parts of the house to find an environment that she prefers. That worked for a day or two, then it was back to normal. Thankfully, and I really do hope it continues, the process of feeding her has improved!! 

Huge sigh of relief and I really hope we don't have any issues again, cos honestly, it can drive me insane.

Anyway, here are some tips that I've learned through my experience:
- Keep a routine: Kaitlin usually wakes up, showers and then has her brekkie. Dinnertime is after her evening shower as well. This way, she knows what is gonna happen next and it becomes like an everyday thing and she won't be afraid as there is some form of consistency
- Compliment and encourage: If she eats her food and behaves well, compliment her. Clap your hands and say good job! I give Kaitlin star ratings! If she manages to finish half her food or less and makes alot of noise and wants to be carried she gets none or maybe 1 star. If she finishes half her food with minimal noise and entertainment she gets 2 stars & if she finishes most of her food, even with noise in between she gets 3 stars. Superstar level is attained when she finishes her food and has minimal or no noise. 
- Talk: I talk to Kaitlin when I feed her. I tell her Good Morning, it's breakfast time! I tell her what she is eating. Sometimes, I ask her if it's yummy. If I have my computer near me and she is easy to handle, sometimes I will google fun facts of the veg/fruit she is eating and tell her. If she is almost done, I will tell her she is left with a spoon or two. 
- Reward: If she is doing a good job or if she starts to show signs of getting restless, I will reward her with her favourite snacks. 

Oh yes, do expect that your baby might not want to eat and kick up a fuss when they are unwell or teething. It's normal, so just bear with it cos it will pass. Don't force them cos it would just make matters worse and they might resist eating even when they are well again. It's okay if they have just milk for a day or two, cos they are smart and won't keep themselves hungry for too long. 

That's about it! Hopefully this will help anyone who has issues feeding their babies and remember...KEEP CALMMMM! The more annoyed you get, I think the baby can sense it and will get more cranky. Then again, in reality, I understand that it can get really frustrating, so it's fine if you lose your cool. I always tell myself to be more patient the next time and that things will get better and they will! Just stay positive :) 

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